Release Of The Day | Dok & Martin & Carlos Perez ‘Crossed Nerve’ [Voltage Records]

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Voltage Records presents a combo of 2 great originals from rising stars Dok & Martin and Carlos Perez. This is a twin-originals EP packed with the most essential elements a Techno track today must have.


Dark, immense and undoubtedly pure in its form, this EP works in favour of the DJ, by keeping the crowd intensively on their toes.

It just feels proper: 
The “main act” feel of this record is its secret ingredient as well. Groovy but definitely dark, intense and definitely pure Tecnno, it consists of two tracks with a “non stop” character; The groove starts and it won’t stop until the end of the tracks.

This is the second release for Dok & Martin on VOLTAGE Records.
Carlos Perez is debuting on VOLTAGE Records.

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