Release Of The Day | Ezequiel Arias ‘Globular’ [Sudbeat Music]

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Next up on Sudbeat the return of the uprising star Ezequiel Arias with his second full release after an incredible debut EP that’s still one of the best seller on the label.


Ezequiel has also been featured on “El Maestro” Hernan Cattaneo’s recent Balance mix album. In keeping with that theme, the B side track ‘Rotator’ comes with a bonus day mix version.

Title track ‘Globular’ leads the way though. From the bedrock of solid kick and percussion comes a glorious, musical melodies, ethereal pads and a rubbery bassline that adds bags of soul. ‘Rotator’ in original form is a vibrant, upbeat affair. Galloping bass adds forward momentum from the first bar, which is soon joined by sweeps, FX and killer hook in the break. The day mix of ‘Rotator’ begins in ambience. Broken beats usher in pads and percussive layers slowly as the track builds up to its ethereal climax.
A three tracker of considerable class and elegance, the Globular EP.

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