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Todays spotlight falls across the Psy-Trance genre , and the releases from Ampsuite clients which Beatport have very kindly featured this week….

First up is a Banner for the single ‘ROOTS (STATIC MOVEMENT REMIX)’ from Critical Choice, Static Movement on Iboga records. This release is also sitting at no.4 in the Beatport psy-trance top 10!

Next up is a another banner for Cosmic tone & Deep vibration ‘TRAVEL IN SPACE (DEEP VIBRATION REMIX)’ on Iono Music.

Now we’ve got another banner from Atacama & Jakaan with ‘Kmos’ on Digital Om.

Here with another banner is space travel on DM7 Records with the ‘Deep galaxy’ single.

With the final banner we’ve got Ital & Hypnotic (BR) on Antu records with ‘Living on another planet’.

Also some nice Featured Release spots spots for the ampsuite labels this week

Stayos comes with the new single Red alert on iono, brand new Relaz & Psymurai release ‘I wanna rock you’ on Sol music which is also sitting at No.10 on the pay-trance top 10, Shanti People & Psycrain with ‘GRAVITON II’ on Bassclef Records and Inside mind’s ‘Hard times’ on Mosaico Records…

Finally we have the top 10 containing several amp suite label releases…

At No.2 we have Sykick with moonlight on sol music

At No.3 we’ve got Emok, Vini Vici, Martin Vice & Off Limits with In & Out – Liquid soul remix on Iboga

and finally at No.4 sits ‘Quantum Field’ from Mindbenderz on iono music

Thanks to all the labels & artists for the superb music and to Beatport for the most valued support 

If you’d like to find out how to join the ampsuite family… drop us an email

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