Release Of The Week | Balthazar & JackRock ‘Heavy Mental’ [Hypnostate]

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Balthazar & JackRock are back on Hypnostate with their new heavy-hitter release.


The EP features two tracks that showcase the duo’s signature aggressive and driving sound.

The title track, “Heavy Mental,” is a perfect example of Balthazar & JackRock’s style. From the opening seconds, it’s clear that this is a track that’s built for the dancefloor. The real standout feature of “Heavy Mental” is the use of hip-hop vocals. They add a new dimension to the track, providing a human element that contrasts with the mechanical techno beat. The old-school hoovers and other classic rave sounds add to the nostalgic feel of the track, while still feeling fresh and innovative.

The second track on the EP, “Reaching,” is a slightly more restrained affair, but no less effective. A slower tempo and more spacious arrangement give the track a more contemplative feel, but there’s still plenty of energy and intensity to be found here.

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