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ampsuite is now part of The Beatport Group and joins a suite of services and tools designed to help DJs, producers, suppliers, artists and labels. Whatever stage you are at in your music career, these services can help you progress to the next level! 

Are you at the production stage? Loopcloud offers a versatile library of more than 4 million samples in all popular music genres, built on 20 years of sound curation by
Loopmasters, and innovative plugins. For music producers at the cutting-edge of technology, the Plugin Boutique online marketplace offers a wide array of VST plugins, instruments and studio tools from the best brands.

A music promotion service will help get your music heard! DJcity is a subscription-based digital record pool for DJs delivering promos to thousands of members every day. There are exclusive releases available from DJcity’s team of remixers and producers. You won’t find these tracks anywhere else.

To increase sales and maximise exposure of your music, Beatport Hype will enable your label (subject to eligibility) to get more feature spots on the home page, genre pages and charts on Beatport. Get access to prime reserved home page sections for selected Hype releases.

If you want to get your music signed, head to LabelRadar, where you can submit to a huge selection of labels, as well as participate in exciting opportunities to help accelerate your career. For labels, if you’re ready to remove the headaches associated with demo submissions and to create new value for your label whilst unearthing hidden gems, look no further.


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