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As the hot topic of the moment and one of the fastest growing social media platforms globally, ampsuite would like to share an overview of TikTok, some best practices & how to maximise visibility!

So what’s this TikTok all about?

In a nutshell, its a video-sharing app where users can upload short clips up to 15 seconds long and associate background music, add effects/sound to their video. lip-synch & dance videos are most popular, along with Snapchat-style filters. You can also change the speed of the video

TikTok currently has over 500 million active users, and half of these are under the age of 24, spread across 150 markets, and is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world!

Users can reply to a video / creating a split-screen, live stream and live chat.
Audio tracks from their catalogue of delivered music is made available to TikTok users for use in their video creations.

You have the pain of selecting which 30 second clip is available in the TikTok library & we recommend the audio clip should be the most engaging part of the track, with lyrics, or that TikTok users can engage with (for dance tracks, we see users engaging with tracks  that includes the drop).

Your catalogue is all delivered, so what next ?

We advise speaking with your artists and create / optimise your artist profiles

The recommendation from TikTok is to set-up a profile for the artist and generate video content on TikTok on a regular basis. If you already have artists with active profiles (they should have at least 3 posts), then let us know. We can submit to TikTok’s Music team who will consider artists for future campaign opportunities.

+ Establish / Create / Engage with the platform as a user 
+ Watch / React / Collaborate with other users content

How do I get Verified?

To be considered for verification, you must have a fully completed profile, inc. avatar, bio, user name. You must also be actively posting with a minimum of 3 posts. TikTok process verification requests manually so please be patient

we can provide a submission form for this, drop us aline

Can i / should I get a pro account

Pro accounts are available to all & can be activated directly within your profile via the TikTok App. Enabling this provides access to analytics for all of your posts. To change  your TikTok profile to a Pro account:-

+ Open TikTok & navigate to “Me”
+ Click the three horizontal dots in the top right corner, to go to your settings
+ Click “Manage My Account”
+ at the bottom of screen select “Switch to Pro Account.”
+ Follow all the on app instructions to complete the process.

Does TikTok fingerprint on uploads ?

Users can upload their own voice, Sounds etc as “original sound”. If a user includes a music track in their video TikTok matches this against their Audio Library catalogue, built from the delivered audio from painters such as Ampsuite, and the user’s video will linked back to the original track. If you find a video that you believe is using your track but isnt linking back then feel free to get in touch.

Final Q & A

+ Playlists on TikTok App are currently not pitchable.
+ Ideal run-time for video uploads is 15 ( ish ) seconds.
+ Videos are best shot & edited in vertical mode.
+ We dont want to sing in your TikTok videos 🙂

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