Release Of The Day | John Cosani ‘Vulgare’ [Sudbeat Music]

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John Cosani returns to sudbeat with a powerful new EP ‘Vulgare’.


Highly regarded among his peers, the plucky Argentinian has continued to gather pace with stand out tracks for Tale & Tone, onedotsixtwo, and Visceral to name a few. As well as DJ sets across Argentina and a stellar performance for Sudbeat recently at Stereo, Montreal.

Opening with ‘Vulgare’ John establishes his trademark style early with rolling shakers and muted sonics filtering up over the first section, and with the pace increasing tensions grow. The midsection renders out those threads of melody and the full fleshed out track is powerful and emotive.

Next up, ‘One Dollar’ thunders from the speakers from the off. Deep and dubby, the motifs linger adding tension throughout. A strong mid-set vibe for those big event crowds. Finally, ‘Pink Power’ rounds out the collection with subtle tribal feels. Spiky mid-bass powers the tune along for those head down groovathons he does so well. Peaking at the breakdown, this is one wild ride you’ll want to be on all night long!

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