Release Of The Day | Shyisma ‘Particles’ [Iono Music]

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Iono-Music are extremely excited to announce their next release is Shyisma with his new album ‘Particles’.


Be prepared for an exhilarating magical journey through space and time, evoked by otherworldly sounds and voices, reaching into your brain. 

The title track ‘Particles’ is filled with haunting pads, stabs, etherical vocals and ferocious percussion on a deep driving bassline. ‘Human Brain’ takes you on a ride to the deepest corners of your mind, driven by a solid off beat bass, complemented by stabs and pads resembling sounds of a remote alien civilization – creating a sense of chaos. Dancefloor exploding vibes come from ‘Legend’- in the form of an intense bassline carrying a massive riff and heavenly vocals. 

This album is fierce and spiritual, fiery and mesmerizing, feisty and enchanting. Here these two moods seamlessly collide to create a soul capturing expedition.

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