Release Of The Day | Jody 6 ‘I Want To Get Lost’ [Codex Recordings]

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March the 31st meet Jody 6 to deliver his two-techno -tracks single release titled “I Want to Get Lost” to CODEX Recordings!


“I Want To Get Lost” is about getting lost in the music and euphoria at a dark rave. When you are on the floor, feeling the music and enjoying this moment in time.  I designed the track to have lots of energy and dropping with gritty bass stabs and a strong kick. I like the contrast of a dirty heavy groove with the softer female vocal atmospherics. 

In “The Darkness Drops” is all about the euphoria, tension, and excitement of a big build climaxing in the explosion of energy at the drop. I created The Darkness Drops to have a crescendo of ecstasy for the big build, culminating in the scary vocal: ‘And then it drops… the darkness’. The listener is then plunged down the rabbit hole with the heavy groove and fat synth lead on the drop.

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