Release Of The Week | Daniel Rateuke ‘Ogelegba’ [Iziki]

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The global label, Iziki, returns with its second release. This time with the anthem “Ogelegba” by Daniel Rateuke, with Morris Revy on vocals.


Daniel has been one of the driving forces behind spreading the gospel of afro house in Europe. He has yet again blessed us with a proper driving upbeat tune, top fueled with percussive rhythms.
On “Ogelegba” he joined forces with Nigerian vocalist Morris Revy. Together they have created, not just another club tool – but a proper song! “Ogelegba” is from the Izon language, from the south part of Nigeria, and means “a call out to all likeminded people”.
On remix duty, we have the hardest working man in the biz at the moment; Darksidevinyl. The Egyptian producer takes on a darker, more bass heavy approach, and pushes “Ogelegba” further into club land.
He flawlessly melts the organic sounds with the rougher electronic ones, and even adds an acid bass-line to match.
We round off the E.P. with an instrumental version, for those more straight percussive dj sets.
Close your eyes and enter the world of Iziki!

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