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1  Ritmo release ‘Organic Rhythm’ on Iboga Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

2   Bellatrix & Freq Shape release ‘Enlightenment’ on TechSafari records… Out Now @BEATPORT

3   FNX & Lyktum release ‘Kundalini’ on IONO MUSIC… Out Now @BEATPORT

4   Skizologic & Libra release ‘Message from the Deep’ on Future Music Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

5   Starlab (IN) release ‘Neuralink’ on Digital Om… Out Now @BEATPORT

6   Parasynthax & Psiger release ‘Shifted Realities’ on Antu Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

7   Doubkore Release ‘Eyepsyght’ on Next Generation Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

8   California Sunshine release ‘Magic’ on Yellow Sunshine Explosion… Out Now @BEATPORT

9 Jahrin release ‘Phone Home’ on Comet Musicians… Out Now @BEATPORT

10  Nukleall & Offlabel release ‘Kalahari Kids’ on Blacklite Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

To start off the week we have some the greatest melodic tracks from the past week…

After 3 years of dedicated studio time and a journey straight into his roots, Ritmo shares a glimpse into the upcoming album with a first single – Organic Rhythm. The album will take us on a journey of rhythm, fantasy and melodies in a unique encounter between visual and auditory art. Across 9 multidimensional stories, we discover a magical world where we encounter each track not only across sound waves, but blooming into the form of magical beings.

Bellatrix and Freq Shape combine their knowledge and deliver a gem called “Enlightenment”. The portal is finally opening, It is the coexistence of dark and light. We are here to realize our inner divinity and manifest our inner enlightenment. Let’s celebrate this ultimate journey.

Iono Music are proud to release you a new single by ‘FNX’ & ‘Lyktum’ called ‘Kundalini’.

Skizologic & Libra teamed together after a long time and got a message from the deep for us! 

Parasynthax and Psiger bring their first release on Antu Records with a blaster new two track EP Shifted Realities. Reality shifting according to those who do it, is a way to move your consciousness from your current reality to your desired reality. Some believe it’s essentially lucid dreaming, while others think that it’s genuinely possible to shift into another reality through this, get into the spiritual reality.

A phone call made out of space trying to connect in unphysical line mixed up with elastic sounds

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