Psy-Fri Picks | Releases Of The Day

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1  Reefer Decree & Thusgaard release ‘Starving Artists’ on Iboga Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

2   Freedom Fighters & DEKEL release ‘Aura’ on Stereo Society… Out Now @BEATPORT

3   Imaginarium release ‘Awake the Future’ on HOMmega Productions… Out Now @BEATPORT

4   Spirit Architect release ‘South Wind’ on Digital Om… Out Now @BEATPORT

5   Altered State release ‘Refraction’ on IONO MUSIC… Out Now @BEATPORT

6   Zatzak release ‘Hopeflow’ on Timelapse… Out Now @BEATPORT

7   SPECTRA MINDS & Skore (BR) Release ‘Spiritual Connection’ on Profound Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

8   Mekkanikka release ‘Atom Smasher’ on United Beats Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

9 Hidden Space release ‘L.O.V.E’ on TechSafari records… Out Now @BEATPORT

10  Bamboo Forest release ‘Breath’ on Sacred Technology… Out Now @BEATPORT

To start off the week we have some the greatest melodic tracks from the past week…

Reefer Decree and Thusgaard leave yet another transgressive mark on us with their new EP ‘Starving Artists’. Merging smooth beats with their shared love of emotive synth embellished landscapes, the duo hit an irresistible stride with their title track, and get down and groovy with a more lurid atmosphere in their B side track ‘Strange Poet’.

HOMmega is proud to present the awaited Imaginarium debut album “Awake the Future”. Imaginarium already presented his more mature sound to the world earlier this year with 2 chart-busting pre singles “Voice from the Outer World” and “Mushrooms” (with Burn in Noise), and now it’s time to deliver the whole package. “Awake the Future” is a genre top-level album that builds up perfectly with a carefully selected playlist, to bring us a pure and elevating psytrance experience. 

Out next in Iono Music we have Altered State returning with his brand new single called “Refraction”.

Zatzak is back to Timelapse Records! Coming in strong with yet another massive banger. His latest single ‘Hopeflow’ is a powerful stomper with a strong baselines, clear production and high energy all the way.

Spectra Minds is back again with a crackling single in collaboration with Skore titled “Spiritual Connection”.

United Beats Records brings you Atom Smasher, the latest and greatest album by the legendary Mekkanikka! 9 tracks of pure psychedelic mayhem, 4 collaborations included, with Space Tribe, Mad Maxx, Stryker and Ajja, some of the top guns on the scene, giving this album a full color spectrum of styles, tricks and special vibes. Atom smasher comes as a refreshing and addictive psychedelic gem, music to rock any dance floor at any given time or season.

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