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ABC Music Talk is a podcast about the music industry for people in the industry, or those aspiring to get in to the industry. 

Run & presented by Alex Branson, a senior executive with over two decades of experience in building companies and leading teams in the music industry. Involved in design, deployment and sale of technologies supporting this area of industry. Committed to bringing together the traditional music industry with new technologies to safe guard their combined future. Supporter of new business models, whilst wishing to educate and retain tried and tested principles of the established Music Business.

Some of Alex’s past work includes creating a startup inside Warner Music Group,, Building INgrooves ex-NA business from the ground up – in his role as SVP & Managing Director, as well as International Management and Consultancy roles with companies including Rightsrouter, Frukt, alexlee, Sony Music, The Lost Generation, In Music & Media Records.

Alex is now the SVP of the newly formed Music Services division of Beatport.

Head on over to his podcast site & subscribe via your favourite podcast provider, for the gospel on all things music industry related & some superb and informative interviews with industry heavyweights

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