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1   Dmitry Molosh release ‘Scaur’ on Deepwibe Underground… Out Now @BEATPORT

2   YoRn release ‘A New One’ on Lost on You… Out Now @BEATPORT

3   Kiz Pattison release ‘Yop / Response (The Chant) / Gamorrean’ on Forensic Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

4   Marco Anzalone & Ailleurs release ‘Iron & Dust’ on ANZL… Out Now @BEATPORT

5   Wailey release ‘Evolution’ on Pillar… Out Now @BEATPORT

6   Thusgaard & Bierlich release ‘On Your Own’ on IbogaTech… Out Now @BEATPORT

7   GRAZZE & LIV The Pilot Release ‘Another Breath’ on BeatFreak Recordings… Out Now @BEATPORT

8   Black Space release ‘Dark Har’ on ICONYC… Out Now @BEATPORT

9  Ivan Aliaga release ‘Blind Eyes’ on Area Verde… Out Now @BEATPORT

10   ASKARI (UK) release ‘First Contact’ on Mirabilis Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

To start off the week we have some the greatest melodic tracks from the past week

Lost on You is delighted to unveil an artist who has blown us away with his voice and sound. YoRn, a lead lyrical singer at Bucharest’s Opera Comica Pentru Copii, makes his debut on the label with an impressive four-track release featuring the remix of the talented Julian Wassermann.

Kicking off the EP is “A New One”. A melodic track from the first beat, it transports us into a dimension of positivity and hopes like those winter days where the sun is shining at its full brightness. The sparse percussion soon gives way to a deep, rubbery bassline and accompanying sounds. Emotive and cinematic throughout, the journey never stops.

With “On My Own” the artist presents us with an impressive track with a progressive feel and some melodic techno elements. The track is underpinned by YoRn’s vocal strings, braced by deep bass and smooth synth chords that gradually work their way to the top. Unified by a deep kick drum and dark atmospheric emotion, the composition climaxes by adding recurring percussive elements and soft soaked melodies that come together to create a structured sphere of sonic satisfaction. Clever synth phrases complete the picture to create an artfully crafted work of art.

The third track, “Set Fire into Dark”, continues the same mood of the EP. A deep melodic track, with a bass line that feels right from the get-go, the mix of percussion and atmospherics trade places with emotive keys and icy pads, as the story is revealed through clever arrangements and powerful sound design. Once again, YoRn delights us with a wealth of talent.

To close this beautiful masterpiece, we welcome star German producer Julian Wassermann, known for his deep and refined sound, who keeps the ethereal theme of the original “A New One” alive, bringing us even closer to the dancefloor with a pulsating bassline, before the drum fills and overall momentum combine to speak. Like something from yesteryear, but with a totally fresh sound, this huge romp raises the energy amounts and increases the drive with lucid, stripped-back elements, before the energetic groove creates a blanket of warmth that will put a smile on your face.

With the talent on offer, YoRn’s “A New One” manages to convey a message of sustained musical relevance in a resounding way to warm the soul. Not to be missed. 

Next up on Forensic we have the talented and prolific Mr Kiz Pattison. … we’re guessing he’s no stranger to any of you.

His tracks and collaborations have found favour with the likes of Sasha , Dave Seaman , Anthony Pappa et al so it’s no surprise that some of the hottest labels are so eager to put out his output.

Following up from recent releases on Balance, Selador and Journey Deep ( which follows other great labels such as Renaissance and Platipus ) we now have a fantastic release from him on FR.

Its an EP of super dark and tribal progressive cuts. A 3 tracker which highlights his unique brand of underground chunkiness … 

Hope you all dig at as much as we do!

Our unstoppable man Marco Anzalone meets once again his long time dude Luca with his new lovely duo project called Ailleurs. 
The result is a tasty fusion of styles and a vocal hymn full of melodic and darky shades. 
“..iron and dust, dust and earth..”

Sharing a passion for different styles of electronic music, Thusgaard & Bierlich now celebrate the melodic house genre with their first release on IbogaTech. Their 2 track EP “On Your Own” features an original mix of the title track, along with a remix from DM-Theory.

GRAZZE is a pretty well known name in the electronic music scene with his versatile sound and own identity. Having released on major labels like Anjunadeep, Armada, Toolroom and on Beatfreak Recordings several times he delivered again 3 great pieces of music where 2 of the tracks are in collaboration with a rising and talented producer Liv The Pilot.
The title track “Another Breath” and “Waiting” are adaptable songs with melodic tints that you can use both for an opening track or to build your set further. From another hand “On My Own” is a track full of energy perfect to make the crowd dancing.

Swiss maestro Black Space returns to ICONYC with ‘Dark Har’ in collaboration with vocalist Yann Menge. The track has been causing havoc since it’s limited promo release late last year and has been played by a wide array of the big boy brigade. ‘Dark Har’ delivers a slice of positive early spring vibes to get you dancing. 

Black Space & Yann start proceedings excellently, as they let the encouraging vibes shine through, while we stroll effortlessly through the club inspired melodies on offer, topped only by the outstanding vocals on offer to bring this classy piece of music together. Black Space’s trademark beat manipulation is prevalent, as all manner of elements drift in and out of earshot that culminate in a grand finale for the beat loving club crowd and to get you in the mood for a big night out. “Essential stuff from Swiss maestro Black Space once again!”

The first remix comes courtesy of German producer Schoonebeek, known for his polished melodic techno influenced productions, keeps the ethereal theme of the original alive, as the pulsating bass powers along, before its drum fills and general warmth all combine to do the talking. His transcendent touch up takes the energy levels up a notch, but increases the melancholy with stripped back and lucid elements at the same time, before the luscious pads grace the rework changing the vibe and creating a blanket of warmth that wraps around the effected groove. Classy stuff.

Next up we welcome back label regulars Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic, who need no introduction. The trio created a rework full of tension from the word go, as the atmospheric vibe subtly keeps you moving with warm tinkling sounds, a smooth edge and some nicely effected sounding pieces. We basically have the formula for a bit of a monumental outing. The sparseness is the key here, as their restrained gem works its magic while it plays away, creating a warm glow, creating an air of sophistication. 

With ‘Dark Har’ Black Space & Yann Menge really show that there’re no boundaries, as this beautiful melodic gem guides you to a full-on club laden, melodic hug of a release that will cause many smiles induced moments! ‘Dark Har’ sees a worldwide release on March 4th, 2022 via every well-known digital content provider. Not to be missed.

After a great success of his previous release on Area Verde we are glad to welcome back a talented artist from Argentina Ivan Aliaga with his new release ‘Blind Eyes’ on March the 4th.

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