Release Of The Week | Adam Ten & Mita Gami ‘Always Fresh’ [Blindfold Recordings]

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Israel-based Adam Ten and Mita Gami have set out to create a journey with their track “Always Fresh” on Blindfold Recordings…


 There’s an underlying melancholy that seems to tell a tale of struggle and woe, but a relentless beat keeps the track – and thus the story – marching on. It’s almost a march of sorts that Adam Ten and Mita Gami have put together. A march with a purpose. A protest. The track serves as an appropriate soundtrack to the many hardships the entire world has had to face recently.

Blindfold Recordings’ own Baime spin their version of the track into an outlandish, almost Middle Eastern vibe on the remix very aptly named the “ACAB version.” Although Baime’s remix doesn’t stray too far from “Always Fresh,” they’ve added certain elements that really really underline the ominous feel, such as a police siren sample in the background.

We welcome these two friends and artists already on their way to show the world what they are made of with heavy support from Solomun, Âme and Dixon.

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