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1   Adam Ten & Mita Gami release ‘Always Fresh’ on Blindfold Recordings… Out Now @BEATPORT

2   Kassey Voorn release ‘Skyline’ on Sudbeat Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

3   Modeplex release ‘Phantom Nova / Dilemma’ on BeatFreak Recordings… Out Now BEATPORT

4   Eleven Of July release ‘Silence’ on Pillar… Out Now @BEATPORT

5   High On Mars release ‘Pounding Beats on Area Verde… Out Now @BEATPORT

6   Aplombo release ‘Ballistic’ on Skybar Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

7   Mononoid Release ‘Transform Evolution’ on ICONYC… Out Now @BEATPORT

8   Menkee release ‘The 3rd Plan’ on Mirabilis Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

9 mredrollo release ‘Streams’ on Spring Tube Limited… Out Now @BEATPORT

10  While True release ‘We Guess’ on IbogaTech… Out Now @BEATPORT

To start off the week we have some the greatest melodic tracks from the past week…

Kassey Voorn’s ‘Skyline’ gets some stellar remix treatment from John Cosani, Blusoul and Panayiotis Tassis. 

Released late last year as part of the ‘Party Bots’ EP, ‘Skyline’ showcased the Greek underground hero’s silky beats and understated melodics.

First up, Argentinian label regular, John Cosani adds his unique flavour transforming the track with low-slung bass goodness, building up the melodic elements patiently towards an epic climax.

Back to Aegean territory to find Blusoul, who broke onto the scene way back in 2009, bringing his considerable studio skill to bear next. Deeply trippy from the off, arps intermingle with the original motifs to create a late night soundscape that ebbs and flows. The main break develops new ideas which transport the track in exciting new directions.

Finally, Panayiotis Tassis takes up the challenge. His groovy and hypnotic re-imagination shows the Greek underground is in good hands.

We welcome again on board our German friend Modeplex with 2 absolutely killer original productions called Phantom Nova and Dilemma. Both tracks are powerful Melodic House & Techno structured songs that you must have if you want to see your crowd go wild.

February the 18th meet chriasmatic Italian artist Eleven Of July to deliver his new two-tracks release ‘Silence’ on Pillar Label

After great success of their previous releases on Area Verde we are glad to welcome back a talented duo High On Mars with their new release ‘Pounding Beats’ followed by Andrewboy, Whoriskey and Dr Honey on February the 18th

February the 18th meet the resident of SkyBar Club (Kyiv) – Aplombo with his Melodic Techno production debut titled “Ballistic” and followed by the remix from the master of the genre – Morttagua!

“A walking characteristic bass with a plastic leitmotif becomes an excellent platform for the entire track. In the second half, the emotional core gently unfolds, turning into a solemn cosmic melody that immerses you in a state of flight. Ballistic will take you on a journey into the space of melodic house & techno. It’ll make you lose yourself in sound bliss.”

We are delighted to welcome back our favorite Dutch duo Mononoid with their brand-new ‘Evolution Transform EP’. The talented duo has been a well-known entity within the scene and have graced some of the world’s finest electronic music labels with their unique and lasting productions. The duo developed an inimitable style of music, full of ambiances, paired with despondent and warm dreamy patterns that guided them to where they are to today and embodies the sound they now personify. People regularly equate their productions as opaque and vivid in equal measures. 

On their return the duo leads with the outstanding opening track ‘Evolution Continues’; a stunning driving melodic progressive house affair. The track utilizes a deep groove as foundation, underpinned by a profound bass and smooth synth chords that gradually ease their way to the summit. Unified by a relentless kick drum and dusky atmospheric emotion, the composition climaxes by adding recurrent percussive elements and soft soaked melodies that come together to create a structured sphere of sonic satisfaction. Clever synth phrases complete the picture to create an ingeniously worked piece of art.

The melodic soundscapes of the accompanying title track ‘You Transform’ rounds off this spectacular release. Andy & Igor’s influences are immediately evident as subtle freeform concepts drift through percussive inspired instrumentations. Rippling melodies trip along a deep kick that anchors an auricular montage to create a special sonic infused moment, complemented by a subtle groove that is going to leave a mark on your aural perception. Stunningly textured pads that warm the soul and a strong melodic infused bassline provide the base for this inspired piece to play out in delayed glory. Essential stuff!

With Mononoid’s return to ICONYC, they take their talents a step further to round off this brilliant underground 2 track crowd pleaser. ‘Evolution Transform’ is certain to find its way into the playlists of the big-boys brigade. Another essential ICONYC release from the heart, for the dance loving soul. Not to be missed!

We are beyond proud to have Menkee join us with a proper full release, a brilliant three track dive into his magical progressive vibes titled “The 3rd Plan”.

“Unchained Love” is a very emotional piece of electronic dance music with its gentle notes and synth lines while a deep but chunky groove builds up slowly along with the effects and soundscapes to create something deeper yet still with a dance floor appeal.

Wrapping this one up is “Can You Get Me High” a peak time groover lead by a potent bass and slightly more darker vibe which comes from the pitched down vocal samples and menacing synth lines.

Menkee has indeed been on top form lately with his sound and this one is no different!
Do not waste any time & take a listen!

Next up on Spring Tube Limited we see the Hong Kong based producer Edward Rollo aka mredrollo who debuted with us past year within ‘Two Unlimited 23’ installment with the track “Equanimity” which became the bestseller #1 of this our imprint in 2021.

In the beginning of 2022 Edward presents his first personal EP on Spring Tube Limited which includes three brand new original works – “Orbit”, “Polymath”, and “Streams”. Beautiful melodic and uplifting progressive house stuff for you in this pack.

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