Melodic Monday | Releases Of The Day

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1   Asher Swissa release ‘That’s Who We Are’ on IbogaTech… Out Now @BEATPORT

2   Saccao release ‘Hidden Walls’ on BeatFreak Recordings… Out Now @BEATPORT

3   Mary Mesk release ‘Exodus’ on Pillar… Out Now BEATPORT

4   Various Artists release ‘Discovery Series 004’ on Lost on You… Out Now @BEATPORT

5   Alter (UA) release ‘Cycles of Life’ on Area Verde… Out Now @BEATPORT

6   Escape Room release ‘Human Code’ on IONO BLACK… Out Now @BEATPORT

7   Mandy van Dorten Release ‘Put My Life’ on Frequenza… Out Now @BEATPORT

8   Crystal Sand release ‘Polar Light’ on Summer Melody… Out Now @BEATPORT

9 Markey Lloyd release ‘Atoms of Calm’ on Mistique Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

10  Echoplays release ‘Anguish’ on Figura Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

To start off the week we have some the greatest melodic tracks from the past week…

Asher Swissa delivers a fresh track in his melodically rich signature sound, folding a smooth layer of moving vocals over a solid and grounding base of progressive beats.

After a great success with her previous releases on Pillar Records Label, we are glad to welcome back Mary Mesk with her new release ‘Exodus’ on January the 21st!

Lost on You turns 4 and kicks off 2022 in celebration mode with a 6 track album featuring new and talented up-and-coming artists. Much has been achieved since our beginning, acoustically and philanthropically, from dreaming of building our first school in Sierra Leone to achieving it. That’s why Discovery Series 004 is a must for anyone who loves electronic music as well as those who want to give something back to help the underprivileged because every penny of the proceeds raised goes to help the neediest children across Africa. Throughout the 6 tracks, listeners will get a wide variety of music, ranging from melodic to electro. A common element to all the albums in this Discovery Series is the club-shaking bass lines. Any of the tracks on this album will get the crowd moving anywhere. Discovery Series 004 is punchy, eclectic, and full of the kind of latent energy that sets dancefloors ablaze in the wee hours of the morning, and makes a valuable addition not only to your hard drive but to the lives of some of the less fortunate of this world.

January the 21st meet a talented Ukrainian artist Alter to deliver his new release ‘Cycles Of Life’ on Area Verde followed by Indifferent Guy, High On Mars and Andrewboy Remixes!
Mystical sounds of didgeridoo, ethnic drums and guitars, recorded by the artist himself, are intertwined in a magical pattern of rhythms and mysterious melodies, impregnating each track with a shamanic spirit.

Out next in Iono Black is Escape Room with ‘Human Code’, a single track release with amazing deep, progressive sounds that you will easily fall in love. Blending analog electronics with uplifting vibes, human code is a journey through techno soundscapes rhythms.

Debuted on Summer Melodies Vol.7, we welcome back China-based producer Crystal Sand with a single Polar Light. After his debut with Horizon, Polar Light continues the simplicity and feel free vibe that Horizon has, with more improved sounds and atmospheric and stellar sound design. We hope you enjoy Polar Light by Crystal Sand!

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