Release Of The Week | Mike Griego ‘Foreign Affair’ [Sudbeat Music]

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Mike Griego returns to Sudbeat Music with the ‘Foreign Affair’ EP. 


It’s been a subdued 2021 for Mike, who’s focused much of the year on studio work. But after a brace of releases for The Soundgarden and Replug, he’s back in the swing of things and his music means everything to us.

The EP opens with title track ‘Foreign Affair’, a bongo-led groover with silky smooth vibes. Huge kicks fill the low end as wafer-thin pads punctuate the deepness. Picking up pace midway, sonics and percussive layers increase the tempo before the main break, leading to an aquatic calm before powering into the second half. Next up, ‘Erini’ lays down a more traditional bass-led vibe. Deep and drenched in reverb, guitar licks light up the soundscape playfully melting into the percussive framework. A xylophone melody completes the picture. Finally, Mike drops a dub version of ‘Foreign Affair’ to round out the pack toughening up the original and putting more emphasis on the growling bass that syncopates the rhythm.

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