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1 The Deepshakerz & Rowetta release ‘What Ya Heard’ on Downtown Underground… Out Now @BEATPORT

2  Nari release ‘Double Choice’ on PornoStar Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

3  Ideal release ‘Hot’ on Cleveland City… Out Now @BEATPORT

4  Cortez (BR) release ‘Burn Batacuda’ on Motive Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

5  SWS & Simon Amur & Max Millan release ‘Lonely People’ on PornoStar Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

6  DeepMe release ‘You Don’t Understand’ on Area Verde… Out Now @BEATPORT

7  Direct 2 Disc release ‘Back Stab’ on Cleveland City… Out Now @BEATPORT

8  Tatsuki release ‘Sister Groove’ on Mango Sounds… Out Now @BEATPORT

9  JSK1M release ‘Too Good’ on WeRelease… Out Now @BEATPORT

10  Just Liev release ‘In My Head’ on Mystery Freedom Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

Today we have some of the best house tunes that are making some noise…

The Deepshakerz are back on Downtown Underground joining forces with Rowetta to deliver an oldschool house hot tune.

It’s all about House Music!

Brazillian producer Cortez joins the Motive roster with his double EP ‘Burn Batacuda’. The title track immediately demands your attention as Cortez brings his South American flavour with bongos dancing over the vicious bassline and swinging drums. The B-side named ‘It Not Mind’ comes as a welcome companion to the title track but with a more soulful tip on the vocal side. Get your hands on these ones Motive fam!

Dance, summer track in piano house style with a light sexy mood. You can feel the influence of RnB music in the melody of the track and the performance of the artist. An excellent song for sports, parties, clubs and bars, the song with which you need to start the day in order to be positive and full of energy.

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