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Spotify is launching its personalized shared playlist called Blend. Blend is officially rolling out of beta to all global users beginning today August 31st, introducing new cover art, taste match scores and shareable data stories that are unique to every listening pair. 

  • Taste Match Scores: Two users who create a Blend will now get a taste match score that shows how similar or unique their listening preferences are, compared to their friends.
  • Shareable Data Stories: They’ll also be able to see the specific song that brings you together. Blend’s data stories will be shareable across social channels. The data stories will automatically pop up once Blend is created but users can also access them again at any time within the playlist. 
  • New Cover Art: The new cover art for Blend will allow users to easily identify each of their Blend playlists. 
  • Yours or Mine? Premium listeners will be able to see which user’s listening preferences contributed to each song on the playlist. 


How it works:

  • Create: Tap ‘Create Blend’ in the Made for You hub on mobile. 
  • Invite: Next, tap ‘Invite’ to select a friend to join your Blend via messaging. 
  • Blend: Once your friend accepts, Spotify will generate custom cover art and tracklist for the two of you filled with songs that combine your listening preferences and tastes. 
  • Share: Share your Blend results across your social channels by tapping “Share this story” at the bottom of your data story screen. 


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