Thursday Deep Tech | Releases Of The Day

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1 Clock (IT) release ‘Machine’ on Paul’s Boutique… Out Now @BEATPORT

2  Joos (CH) release ‘(Can’t) Be with You’ on SHAPESHIFT RECORDS… Out Now @BEATPORT

3  Ben Murphy release ‘Something You Like’ on Creature Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

4  Alixander Raczkowski release ‘Gimme That Vibrate’ on RIM… Out Now @BEATPORT

5  Austins Groove release ‘Mistakes’ on Motive Records… Out Now @TRAXSOURCE

6  Blazers release ‘A Sidelong Glance’ on GLBDOM… Out Now @BEATPORT

7  Alfrenk release ‘Green Man’ on Hotfingers… Out Now @TRAXSOURCE

8   Samuel Abello release ‘Ra√≠ces’ on We Are Phonik… Out Now @TRAXSOURCE

9  NO1NO’s release ‘Pump That’ on Outbound Sounds… Out Now @BEATPORT

10  Brian Atwood release ‘Who You Are’ on Homewerx Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

Today we have some of the tech releases from the past week that have been making some noise…

Joos (CH) is back on Shapeshift Records with the very first EP on the label with two insanely brilliant tech house tracks ready to throw fire across the global dance floors. 

(Can’t) Be with You delivers a heavy bassline, some smooth plucks, catchy vocals and a driving groove.This laid back but powerful Tech house tune will do the damage in any Tech house DJ-Set. It’s catchy, short, danceable, uplifting and energetic to dance to. 

If you are looking for an original, uplifting summer Tech house tune then you have just found your new secret weapon for your DJ-Set. ‘She Said’ is a unique, warm and euphoric Tech house tune with a dash of latin elements. On top of the driving tune there’s a memorable marimba melody that surely will make your audience smile on the dance floor.

We’re excited to welcome back Ben Murphy with a very groovy track with minimal influences

Returning with his second release on Motive Records for 2021, Austins Groove brings the heat with his latest single ‘Mistakes’. Filled to the brim with a gorgeous arrangement of sounds in conjunction with the lead vocals, this track packs the punch – perfect for dancefloors big & small.

GLBDOM welcome French producer Blazers to the family with four weighty cuts.
The first track, “Special Way”, starts the A Sidelong Glance EP with a melancholic but hopeful mood, driven by a hypnotic jazzy chord progression. A helpful soundtrack for shy lovers who need a nudge to open their heart in a special way.
“A Sidelong Glance” will introduce you into a hazy and smokey atmosphere. Both the round groovy bass and the mad Rhodes sound will lead you into a late night underground party.
“Dark Pattern” is a raw banger mostly built around a deep bass and soulful vocals.
The EP ends joyfully with “Trying Hard”, an uplifting and warm track combining Rhodes distinctive sound with echoed deep chords and a funky bass.

More booty bouncin’ bass from the label boss NO1NO’s.  

Pump That works around the catchy vocal hook “tell that kid to pump the bass” and that’s what you’ll be wanting to do once this track drops.

Trademark blips and synth lines and percussion interweave over classic NO1NO’s drum beats for another Outbound classic.

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