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1  Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile release ‘Polymath’ on Sudbeat Music… Out Now @BEATPOR

2  Soulfinder release ‘Changes’ on Mistique Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

3  Greene & Aves Volare release ‘Aisuru’ on ICONYC… Out Now @BEATPORT

4  Asher Swissa & Imar release ‘Burning’ on IbogaTech… Out Now @BEATPORT

5  Artem Kazantsev release ‘From Within’ on Figura Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

6  Saygƒ±n Orhon & Basar Buyukkircali Release ‘Twilight’ on Findike Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

7  Tamas Skafar Release ‘Monoliths’ on Dynamica… Out Now @BEATPORT

8  Cream (PL) release ‘Undercover’ on Deepwibe Underground… Out Now @BEATPORT

9  DJ Alice Wonder Release ‘A State of Mind’ on Sota Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

10  Dafinchi & Following Light Release ‘Whistler’ on Lincor… Out Now @BEATPORT

To celebrate our 200th release, El Maestro returns to the label with Soundexile for three huge originals, including one with talented singer Paula OS.

Hernan needs little introduction. A local legend by the time Paul Oakenfold discovered him in the ’90s, his smooth, deep style has seen him play all over the world headlining festivals and clubs and helm one of the biggest progressive house labels releasing today. 

Argentinian duo, Soundexile, have been a force in the scene for over a decade. Their partnership with Hernan constantly pushes their musical boundaries, and includes 3 compilations for Renaissance, 2 for Balance, and dozens of original tracks and remixes.

Opening with ‘Polymath’, sparse drums make way for airy pads and a squelchy bass that drives the track. Arps and hooks flutter around the main motifs adding drama and energy throughout. Next up, ‘Futurity’ takes a deeper, darker path. Skippy hats and soundscape pads carve out a melodic mind map for the senses. Pure progressive heaven. Finally, Paula OS joins the trio on ‘River Flow’. Haunting and joyous, her vocals are the perfect foil for the percussive broken beat framework and 8-bit keys.

With ‘Aisuru’ we welcome German producer Greene for his debut to the label featuring a collaboration with Aves Volare. Greene & Aves Volare have both developed a universally loved unique style; a dynamic, groovy, deep and hypnotic fusion of genres that perfectly fits in any kind of club or open-air festival. The duo’s releases have always received high acclaim – with support across the board from the who is who is in the world of electronic music.

The duo knows a thing or two when it comes to mind blowing productions, as they deliver an irresistible track that kicks things off nicely with the melancholic vibes setting the tone. They roam effortlessly through progressive inspired melodies, while the sultry chords sit wonderfully on top of the driving percussive foundation. The duo takes it up a notch by introducing Aves Volare’s vocal work, whilst upping the flow with cleverly programmed drumming and his trademark FX elements, without destroying the essence of the main groove. Their work deserves to be branded ‘essential’ in any sense of the word.

The accompanying instrumental mix keeps the ethereal theme of the original alive, as the pulsating bass powers along, before its drum fills and general drive all combine to do the talking. Like something from yesteryear yet sounding totally fresh – The instrumental takes the energy quantities up a level and increases the drive with stripped back and lucid elements, before the energetic groove creates a blanket of warmth that will put a smile on your face.

Greene & Aves Volare found the formula for a bit of a monumental outing. The sparseness throughout the release is the key, as their restrained style delivers classy but essential beats. ‘Aisuru’ manages to deliver a message of sustained musical relevance in emphatic fashion to warm the soul. Not to be missed!

\Asher Swissa makes a debut on IbogaTech in a new collab with Imar. ‘Burning’ is a melodically driven track with a colourful blend of dreamy synths, centered around an emotive vocal-lead. Uplifting and gentle with a steady groove, this collab from Asher and Imar delivers those perfect blissed out atmospherics for floaty dance floor moments.

Findike Records have discovered two bright, youngs talents with a unique and special sound that couldn’t be more complimentary to the Label. Introducing Turkish stars in the making Saygin Orhon and Basar Buyukkircali. Including Findike ,ILDES remixes

Alice’s third release on our label. She remains true to her corporate identity. A pleasant track will not leave anyone indifferent, because it is remembered from the first notes to the last beat of the kick. And You want to listen to it again and again!

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