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1   John Cosani release ‘Hericium’ on Sudbeat Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

2   Masella release ‘Samay / Etna’ on BeatFreak Recordings… Out Now @BEATPORT

3   Kiko & Aves Volare release ‘Cycle’ on Lost on You… Out Now @BEATPORT

4   Luis M release ‘Bush Owl’ on IbogaTech… Out Now @BEATPORT

5   Kommodo release ‘Alone on Earth’ on ICONYC… Out Now @BEATPORT

6   Da Fresh release ‘Always’ on Area Verde… Out Now @BEATPORT

7   szilardK Release ‘Return Man’ on Dynamica… Out Now @BEATPORT

8   Rokazer release ‘Orion’ on Mirabilis Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

9   Peres release ‘Dependencies’ on Mistique Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

10   Abriviatura IV release ‘Petra’ on Sota Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

To start off the week we have some the greatest melodic tracks from the past week…

John Cosani returns to the label with a sparkling double header. 

Coming out as one of the most talented Argentinean producers, John Cosani was inspired from a young age by a wide spectrum of influences from Depeche Mode to Daft Punk. Now signed to some of the scene’s best labels such as Onedotsixtwo, Balance and Mango Alley, John’s kaledascopic sound is soundtracking the world’s dance floors. 

Opening with ‘Hericium’, a deep, rubbery groove gives way to electric synths and spiky FX. Earworm hooks and otherworldly feels greet the breakdown adding a new energy in the second half. On the flipside, ‘Hoba’ is a deeper, more thought-provoking cut. Icy pads underlay the skippy percussion as tension builds. Melancholy keys cut through midway and develop in the break to create an air of serene calm. Perfect warm down vibes.

Masella is a producer of electronic music and live act.
Sensations and emotional atmospheres.
Nature, landscapes, deep emotions and the mystery of the universe are the elements of the inspiration. He has his previous works on Ten Walls’s imprint Runemark Records among others. We are happy to welcome him on Beatfreak Recordings with 2 very beautiful songs accompanied by 2 great remixes from the label boss D-Formation together with GRAZZE and another interpretation from Black 8.

With ‘Cycle’ we welcome Kiko & Aves Volare to Lost on You with a pair of fantastic remixes courtesy of Waltervelt and Apnoea who bring us their take on the duo’s new single; a dynamic, groovy, deep, and hypnotic fusion of genres that fits perfectly in any kind of club or outdoor festival.

Kiko & Aves Volare know a thing or two when it comes to mind-blowing productions, as they deliver an irresistible track that kicks off nicely with melancholic vibes that set the tone. They move effortlessly through melodies, while the sensual chords sit beautifully over the percussive base. The duo takes it up a notch by introducing Aves Volare’s vocal work, while upping the tempo with cleverly programmed drums and their trademark effects elements, without destroying the essence of the main beat. His work deserves to be described as “essential” in any sense of the word.

As for the remixes, we welcome to the label Waltervelt who has delivered a glitchy remix of the original taking us on a classic Detroit electro trip, threading the quivering vocals through an engaging combination of 808 beats, crisp percussion, and haunting synth melodies that comes across as a more contemporary dance anthem driving through a 4/4 kick drum with little snippets of the original anthemic refrain.

The second remix comes courtesy of Apnoea, which keeps the ethereal theme of the original alive with a pulsing bassline before its drum fills and overall warmth combine to speak. Like something from yesteryear, but with a fresh sound, this mystical romp raises the energy levels, but sharpens the melancholy with elements both stripped down and lucid at the same time, before exquisite pads adorn the rework changing the mood and creating a blanket of warmth that envelops the affected groove.

With “Cycle”, Kiko & Aves Volare manage to convey a message of emphatically sustained musical relevance to warm the soul. Not to be missed.

The call of a night owl in the dark of the night can evoke a range of different thoughts or feelings, depending on who is listening. In the case of a techno producer the sound will likely give rise to creative ideas and prompt the immediate production of a banging tune – as was the case for Luis M. Prone to finding inspiration in the stirring sounds of nature, Luis M has a keen ear and expert production finesse that seems to deliver absolute bangers that ravage the dance floors – each and every time. Bush Owl is a deep, dark techno tune that carries all the hallmarks of his beautifully structured compositions – pulsating beats and well defined character in equal measures. On the flip side we have a remix from Australian producer Trilingo, who takes Bush Owl in a more minimal direction where it spreads its wings with some fresh twists and the earthy reverberations of a didgeridoo – all in all directing this track from it’s dark soaring journey to new exotic lands and soundscapes.

We are delighted to welcome Brazilian Kommodo with his brand-new ‘Alone on Earth EP’ to ICONYC. The talented producer has been a well-known entity within the scene and have graced some of the world’s finest electronic music labels with his unique and lasting productions. Kommodo developed an inimitable style of music, full of ambiances, paired with despondent and warm dreamy patterns that guided him to where he is today and embodies the sound, he now personifies. People regularly equate his productions as opaque and vivid in equal measures. 

On his debut Kommodo leads with the outstanding title track ‘Alone on Earth’; a stunning driving progressive house affair with some melodic techno elements for good measure. The track utilizes a deep groove as foundation, underpinned by a profound bass and smooth synth chords that gradually ease their way to the summit. Unified by a deep kick drum and dusky atmospheric emotion, the composition climaxes by adding recurrent percussive elements and soft soaked melodies that come together to create a structured sphere of sonic satisfaction. Clever synth phrases complete the picture to create an ingeniously worked piece of art.

The melodic soundscapes of the accompanying title track ‘When the Sun goes Down’ rounds off this spectacular release. Kommodo’s influences are immediately evident as subtle freeform concepts drift through percussive inspired instrumentations. Rippling melodies trip along a deep kick that anchors an auricular montage to create a special sonic infused moment, complemented by a stunning groove that is going to leave a mark on your aural perception. Stunningly textured pads that warm the soul and a strong melodic infused bassline provide the base for this inspired piece to play out in delayed glory. Essential stuff!

With Kommodo’s brand new outing on ICONYC, he takes his talents a step further to round off this brilliant underground 2 track crowd pleaser. The EP is certain to find its way into the playlists of the big-boys brigade. Another essential ICONYC release from the heart, for the dance loving soul. Kommodo’s ‘Alone on Earth EP’ is out on July 9th, 2021. Not to be missed!

After a great success with his previous releases on Area Verde, we are glad to welcome back Da Fresh with his new 2-tracks EP ‘Always’ on July the 9-th!
“Always or never, two opposite words but the same radicality in the meaning. Both tracks are inspired by this! Always brings a positive and catchy vibe with hypnotic synths and a smooth vocal on top of that, Never brings a melancholic and melodic mood”.

French man Rokazer is back with us with a brand new single “Orion” and to round off this special release are Monojoke and Menkee with two superb remixes!

The original mix of “Orion” is a peak time monster with a restless groove and a sinister and hypnotic vibe created by the synth stabs as other melodic elements raise the tension along with the carefully programmed effects.

The first remix comes courtesy of progressive master Monojoke with his distinctive percussive driven melodic groover! With plenty of atmospherics and various sound textures that build along with the percussive groove and warm bass line that keeps things moving.

To round off this fantastic release we welcome Menkee to the label with his brilliant remix for “Orion” which takes the track straight out of space with a driving groove and deep and pulsating bass line while still letting the warm atmospheric sounds find their way into the mix along the spaced out arps.

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