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1   Bastet release ‘Multiverse’ on Prospect Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

2   Tony Romanello release ‘Hydra’ on Orange Recordings… Out Now @BEATPORT

3   MASINO release ‘Shall We Dance’ on Set About… Out Now @BEATPORT

4   Yuri Alexeev release ‘Atlantis’ on Reboks… Out Now @BEATPORT

5   Torsten Kanzler release ‘Mirror’ on Codex Recordings… Out Now @BEATPORT

6 Various Artists release ‘Skulptor’ on ICONYC One… Out Now @BEATPORT

7   Roger Lavelle Release ‘We Are Now’ on IAMT… Out Now @BEATPORT

8   Ado (Col) Release ‘Farnut’ on Big Punch Records…Out Now @BEATPORT

9   Andre Hecht Release ‘Time’ on Invert…Out Now @BEATPORT

10   Sarah Garlot Darkdomina Release ‘Comete’ on Underground Roof Records…Out Now @BEATPORT

Today we have some of the best techno releases from this past week…

After the success of his track “Deviant” on the Orange Recordings ‘Selections V.5’ VA, Canadian Techno player Tony Romanello delivers his 2 track “Hydra EP” and we couldn’t be more excited!! 2 absolute monster tracks which we think will do some serious damage..

June the 25th meet a great Italin artist and producer – MASINO to deliver his three-tracks release to Set About! 
“Shall We Dance” is a classic club track, pure dance-floor energy.
“Sunday Morning” melody born on a Sunday breakfast, a techno track with a sweet soul that embraces you.
“Sequence” – is simply techno, a track that fully represents the style of MASINO! Enjoy!

Torsten Kanzler takes care of the next mighty Codex release with Andrea Signore and Superstrobe Remixes sealing the deal.
Two Face kicks off with driving techno drums and strobe lit synths that bring real intensity. It is a high octane cut for a white knuckle ride on the dance floor. Mirror then ups the ante further with more blistering synth work over powerful drums. Techno this supercharged is always going to sound great on a big system, especially when the acid starts to rip things up. 
Mirror (Superstrobe Remix) is all about the acid lines which rip up the groove. The drums hammer home a hard groove and are sure to bring intensity to the club. Mirror (Andrea Signore Remix) then closes out with another high speed techno offering with big melodies, maximal chords and the sort of energy that vast crowds thrive off. 

As we move into the summer season, we’re super excited to welcome Bias, Justo Perez, Jose Rodriguez & Dave Rosell to ICONYC One with their brand new ‘Skulptor EP’ featuring two outstanding originals to get any dancefloor shaking. The four Spanish producers have been a mainstay of the countries electronic underground for many years.

We kick things off with ‘Inch’ from Bias, Justo Perez & Jose Rodriguez. The track features an amalgamation of deep bass tones, subtle drum programming, a cleverly chopped samples and intricately weaved chord progressions, building to an energy driven breakdown before they rebuild the elements and move them into deeper territory. Fused chord hits, underpinned by trademark bass patterns, are the name of the game before all manner of varied melodies weave in and out of the stereo field; proving the trio’s superb production chops and diverse musical tapestry. We basically have the formula for a brilliant club burner. 

Next up is the title track ‘Skulptor’ from Justo Perez & Dave Rosell; the duo delivers a thumping club track to get any party going. ‘Skulptor’ is a stripped back affair, utilizing a hypnotizing drum groove as the basis of the track underpinned by a staccato rhythm that pushes its way to the breakdown of breaks before unleashing into a rising melodic hook intertwined with the infectious groove that fades in and out for maximum effect. The duo shows their love for melodic and deep FX, which are accentuated by the driving minimal feel. Something like a silky blanket of sonic spheres, which wrap you into an alluring soundscape but kick you in the marbles at the same time. Classy stuff!

The ‘Skulptor EP’ from Bias, Justo Perez, Jose Rodriguez & Dave Rosell is a lovely mind-bending collection of tracks that are wrapped in a technoid blanket of driving sounds for the underground loving sound aficionado. We are extremely happy to once again be bringing you a high-quality ICONYC One release that was made from the heart and for the whole universe to enjoy. Keep on dancing!!

June the 25th meet Roger Lavelle back with his “We Are Now” two-tracks release to IAMT!
“The inspiration for these tracks I got from the “Dark Star” movie of John Carpenter. This movie has a very unique atmosphere so I tried to integrate this into the tracks! You are about to listen to some cosmic techno with dark pads and effects, electric and melodic synths that push the track accompanied by a hard and deep kick.”

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