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1   Randall Jonesceni release ‘64Malibu’ on Sudbeat Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

2   FiveP release ‘Lost’ on Frequenza… Out Now @BEATPORT

3   Frank Sonic release ‘Body & Soul’ on ICONYC… Out Now @BEATPORT

4   Y do I release ‘I Don’t Know Y’ on Area Verde… Out Now @BEATPORT

5   Tenacious release ‘Only You’ on Automation Nation… Out Now @BEATPORT

6   OneRec release ‘Light in the Darkness’ on Techno Tehran Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

7   Lunatique Release ‘The Anthem’ on DIT KLINGT JUT… Out Now @BEATPORT

8   V.Danilov release ‘Over Now’ on Figura Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

9  Simon Firth release ‘Cosmic Dust’ on Mirabilis Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

10   Max Averbach release ‘Imagine’ on Mistique Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

To start off the week we have some the greatest melodic tracks from the past week…

Randall Jones makes his long-awaited debut with a huge three-track EP ’64 Malibu’. 

Something of a dark horse of the scene, Randall Jones has shared the stage with everyone from The Beastie Boys and The Black Eyed Peas to John Digweed. Signed to seminal labels such as Bedrock, Hooj Choons and Renaissance, his signature cyberfunk style has entertained dance floors all over the globe. In more recent times, he’s switched his studio wizardry to film and TV soundtracks and has music on America’s Top Model, CSI and MTV. 

Opening with ’64Malibu’, warm chords and a sparse percussive framework give way to sparkling synths and light, airy pads. Deep and energetic, the track grooves with consummate ease. The perfect mid set work horse. Next up, ‘Border Town’ opens with more insistent energy. The kicks are tougher, the synths take on a storytelling role and the warmth is reinforced by a rubbery low end. Finally, ‘She’s Vibing’ rounds out the trio in fine form. Sparse percussion, phat kicks and ravey stabs get things going, followed up by spoken word samples and icy sonics. A tour de force EP from one of the scenes unsung heroes.

Frank Sonic returns to ICONYC with an absolute classy piece of music entitled ‘Body & Soul’. The German producer who has been a mainstay in the electronic underground kicks’ things off nicely with his original mix of Body & Soul. The melancholic moodiness shines through, as we meander effortlessly through club inspired melodies, while the sultry chords and vocal sit wonderfully on top adding an extra layer of depth. Frank’s trademark beat manipulation is prevalent, as all manner of elements drift in and out of earshot. Perfect for beat loving club crowd and to get you in the mood for a big night out.

Stil & Bense, who have become part of the furniture at ICONYC, need no introduction. They created a rework full of tension from the word go, as the atmospheric vibe subtly keeps you moving with warm tinkling sounds, a smooth edge and some nicely effected sounding pieces. We basically have the formula for a bit of a monumental outing. The sparseness is the key here, as their restrained gem works its magic while it plays away, creating a warm glow, creating an air of sophistication. “Essential stuff!”

Next up we welcome Dimitris Pap for his debut on the label, the Greek maestro known for his polished sound, keeps the ethereal theme of the original alive, as the pulsating bass powers along, before its drum fills and general warmth all combine to do the talking. Like something from yesteryear, yet sounding fresh – His transcendent touch up takes the energy levels up a notch, but increases the melancholy with stripped back and lucid elements at the same time, before the luscious pads grace the rework changing the vibe and creating a blanket of warmth that wraps around the effected groove.

Last but not least we have a remix courtesy of William Medagli & Thallulah, who return to ICONY after their successful ‘Arizona’ release back in February. The duo delivers a trademark deep indie dance mix with infectious chords, intense drums and smooth breakdown. It’s all about the groove, cool melodic vibes and the driving beats that are working their magic around Medagli & Thallulah ‘s wonderfully arranged keys that create an irresistible rhythm while clever chords take the mind on a trip. 

With ‘Body & Soul’ Frank Soinc really shows that there’re no boundaries, as this beautiful melodic gem guides you to a full-on club laden, melodic hug of a release that will cause many smile induced moments! ‘Body & Soul’ sees a worldwide release on June 25th, 2021 via every well-known digital content provider. Not to be missed.

After a great success with thier previous releases on Area Verde, we are glad to welcome back duo from Israel ‘Y do I’ with thier new ‘I Don’t Know Y’ EP on June the 25th!
‘Why? Why is the question we are asking our self so many times in a relationship.
Mostly we ending up in blizzard of thoughts without any real answer.
Result is beautiful chaotic snow flakes’
Simply eyes and fly with the music to the unknown.

March ’20 – our dance floors shut, the rave stops. Today, more than a year later, we’re still waiting for our favorite clubs to reopen their doors and our favorite festival to enchant us yet another time. We all miss our chance to gather in warm crowds, share a smile with a stranger and shake off the burdens of everyday life on the dance floor. It’s a challenging time for the scene, mentally and physically. But lo and behold, sooner or later, social isolation will come to an end and there will be a REVIVAL.

After months of planning & scheming, we’re hyper-excited to present our very first label release – a 10 track compilation to revive our dance floors after their dormancy. The full compilation will be released throughout summer ’21.

Our third single release is a trailblazer of an electronic music track. Without knowing we’re starting a label, EDM producer Lunatique reached out to us in the beginning of year after accidentally creating a Melodic Techno track. ‚The Anthem’ immediately caught our ears with its contrasting nature between Lunatique’s home-genre and the underground world of Melodic Techno. The unconventional arrangement seamlessly ventures in between the genres making the track a flashy yet driving and elegant dance floor romancer to surprise the crowd. 

All revenue goes to the artist and 15%% of royalties are donated to help people in the poorest parts of Africa thanks to our distribution partner Forward. 

Simon Firth is once again back on the label with another stunning two track release in the form of “Cosmic Dust”!

The main track “Cosmic Dust” opens up with a deep yet powerful groove, synth sweeps. The track slowly evolves with plenty of rhythmic synth stabs and various percussive elements as catchy arpeggios and spaced out pads keep on building up the tension and vibe along the whole track.

The second offering comes in the form a slightly more raw and dirty but still deep number titled “Shimmer”. The groove is punchy and the synth lines are slightly more aggressive and but the spaced out effects while a spaced out arp line takes things back into the deeper shades of progressive house.

Overall another fantastic offering form Simon and definitely not one to be missed!

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