Spotify Fresh Finds Program Launch

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Spotify has launched a new marketing program for Fresh Finds and the associated playlists focusing on up and coming indie artists. The program is initially focusing on 4 artists selected by Spotify and includes on-platform promotion, PR, social, digital & out of home. You can read more about the program on Spotify’s blog, For The Record.

Additionally, Spotify is launching branded Promo Cards for artists who are featured in Fresh Finds, so that they can celebrate being included on the playlist.

Artist & label teams can make the cards by taking these steps: 

  1. Visit the Spotify for Artists Promo Cards site
  2. Search for a track that is on the playlist, and select the Fresh Finds option in the search results
  3. Choose between landscape or portrait, download the card (especially useful for Stories), or use the link generated by the site (especially useful for Twitter or Facebook).
  4. Share away! For suggested language, we recommend that you describe #FreshFinds as a playlist on @spotify and use as a swipe-up link. 

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