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1   Paride Saraceni release ‘The Garden of Exile’ on Post Scriptum Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

2   Artfaq release ‘Lexion’ on Sudbeat Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

3   TNTS release ‘Tragedy’ on HE-ART BLUE… Out Now @BEATPORT

4   Ewan Rill release ‘Soft and Wet’ on Deepwibe Underground… Out Now @BEATPORT

5   Seleck release ‘Heartbeat’ on Area Verde… Out Now @BEATPORT

6   Matt Sawyer release ‘Strange People’ on Kinesen… Out Now @BEATPORT

7   Maya Pacziga Release ‘High Tide’ on AHA Recordings… Out Now @BEATPORT

8   Ivan Berkowitz & Ras Algethi release ‘Escape’ on ICONYC Noir… Out Now @BEATPORT

9  Edvard Hunger release ‘Show Me Your Feels’ on Findike Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

10   Reboq release ‘Banish / Wind’ on Kubu Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

To start off the week we have some the greatest melodic tracks from the past week…

Following globally acclaimed releases via Adam Beyer’s Truesoul, Monika Kruse’s Terminal M or
Pan-Pot’s Second State, Paride Saraceni sets off for new adventures through his own imprint Post
Scriptum Music.
‘The Garden Of Exile’ is a collection of Saraceni’s dance-oriented lockdown works and first release under Post Scriptum Music.
Originally inspired by Platos’ phylosophies and allegories centered around the notions of physical and spiritual confinement and subsequent liberation, ‘The Garden Of Exile’ EP finds its inception during the 2020 lockdown as a reflection of Saraceni’s most direct artistic and spiritual
‘Allegory Of The Cave’, sets the mood for the EP while also acting as conceptual input for Post
As a whole as well as in its individual parts, ‘The Garden Of Exile’ explores Saraceni’s allusions to the human condition, constituted by birth, growth, emotion, aspiration, conflict, andmortality. Its shape comes together as a polished result of Saraceni’s decade

Artfaq’s first solo EP arrives on Sudbeat with the support remix coming from one of the label’s favourite, Ezequiel Arias. 

The Cordoba-based pair have made huge waves in recent times with tracks on Replug, The Soundgarden and Or Two Strangers to name a few. Collaboratively, they have a strong working relationship with Ezequiel with several releases on Cid Inc’s aforementioned imprint. 

Opening with ‘Lexion’ Artfaq showcase exactly what’s got them soaring the charts. Deep velvety kicks, heavenly synths, and a bass growl from Hell juxtapose in the most delightful way. Perfect warm up vibes that assure smiling faces on the floor. 
Next up, ‘Perth Flight’ continues apace. Solid kicks, snappy percussion and the warm low rumble of bass usher in another monster tune. The synth lines are delicate, each contributing to the overall story. 
Finally, Ezequiel Arias adds his unique flavour to ‘Lexion’. More robust and peak time sounding, the airy synths create pockets of calm among the deep and pounding rhythm sections.

Oscar Aguilera’s new melodic house label HE-ART Blue is back with its second release, and in addition to the original track by TNTS, it features two stunning remixes from Kiko.

TNTS also provided the originals on the label’s last release that picked up support by everyone ranging from Eelke Kleijn to Nick Warren. Other imprints to feature the Belgian’s music include Sasha Carassi’s Phobiq and the legendary Global Underground.

Kiko is an incredibly talented artist from France whose epic blend of soaring pads and emotive melodies can be heard on labels such as Afterlife, Get Physical and Stil Vor Talent.

The original mix of “Tragedy” opens the release with air raid sirens cutting through the poignant pads and hypnotic melody of its stripped back groove. Shrouded in a dark atmosphere it unfolds with building suspense and moody tension, to create a dystopian soundscape underpinned by club friendly percussion.

The first of Kiko’s two remixes is an uplifting take on the original with epic pads and powerful synth lines added to key elements from the original. Transforming the track, this remix is perfectly suited to the melodic style of other artists such as ARTBAT and Mind Against.

Finishing the release is Kiko’s Dub Remix, which is a more understated version that sits somewhere between the original and his other mix. Opting for a more atmospheric approach, it’s still got some of his additional synths. Cinematic and thought provoking, it’s still perfectly suited to the dance floor.

After a great success with his previous releases on Area Verde, we are glad to welcome back Seleck with his “Heartbeat'” release on
May the 14th!
Powerful tracks with catchy melodies will pick up your imagination and carry you on the waves of music to the world of love and dancing.

We are extremely delighted to have with us yet again, our dear friend Matt Sawyer. This is his second time on KINESEN, after the successes with Diynamic, Moblack and many other labels, this talented guy now offers 2 original tracks accompanied by a remix from Parsifal.

His songs have been played by the best DJs around the world such as Black Coffee and Solomun, which makes us proud to have such an incredible talent in our roster.

Even these songs that explore different sounds between Organic House, Melodic House and Indie Dance will find space in many DJ sets and as soon as it will be possible, they will make many clubbers dance around the globe.

Next on ICONYC Noir we welcome back Ivan Berkowitz in collaboration with Ras Algethi who teamed up for the first time to bring us their outstanding ‘Escape EP’. Hailing from the United States & Russia respectively, the duo come together to deliver two lovely progressive and melodic techno influenced tracks, which can easily be ranked among their best body of work to date. 

The opening track ‘Escape’ showcases rich driving textures; as well as euphoric and moody progressive melodic techno vibes to satisfy clubbing, uplifting and feel-good needs, which are the keywords for this beautiful and extraordinary release. Utilizing a hypnotizing groove as the basis of the mix underpinned by a bassline that gradually eases its way to the breakdown, before unleashing into a rising melodic hook interlaced with the infectious groove that fades in and out for maximum effect. A sure-fire winner from Ivan & Ras. Essential stuff!

‘Help’ the second track to close out the EP is a deep and gritty oriented track interspersing with roomy glowing love, filtered stabs and stunning groove which beautifully leads into a drop full of tension and excitement, with the understated yet driving bassline powering the groove along. Ivan & Ras manage to keep the energy up, allowing the driving melodic house feel to shine thru over the many layers and textures to create a beautiful soundscape to round off this classy underground crowd pleaser. 

With ‘Escape’, Ivan Berkowitz & Ras Algethi really show that there’re no boundaries, as this beautiful melodic release guides you to a dance floor heavy, melodic hug of a release that will leave you with many smile induced moments! Not to be missed.

It’s time for something truly beautiful this May as we invite a rising, Russian talent to flourish in our Findike Records sound garden. Close your eyes and kick back to ‘Show Me Your Feels EP’ by Edvard Hunger.

‘Show Me Your Feels’ (Original Mix) sings like tropical, morning sunshine sparkling over two kindred hearts embracing one another as they gaze across an idyllic, Caribbean island. It’s warm strings, bright crashes and silky-smooth bass make this the perfect addition to your summer, poolside playlist.

‘Maybe This Time You Know’ (Original Mix) is a clever crescendo of echoing hi-hats, subtle shakers and an ever-moving, intensity-increasing arpeggio that’ll have you holding your breath at the drop, before gliding in harmonious freefall back to equilibrium.

Music has ability to touch our emotions in almost inconceivable ways. The uplifting and delicately progressive kind, like that of Edvard Hunger, will shoot our dopamine levels off the scale and evoke intense, irresistible feelings of love and happiness that we seek eagerly to re-experience time and time again. If music be the food of love, we shall play on…

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