Release Of The Week | Frannz ‘Pandemium’ [Pillar]

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Brand New Frannz release ‘Pandemium’ on Pillar…


April the 23rd meets a young Spanish artist and producer – Frannz to deliver his two tracks release to our very first imprint of Pillar Records Label hosted by Miss Monique and Radio Intense!
“Pandemium” track is inspired by an idea that arose as a result of the isolation that produced one of the quarantines we carried out in Spain. The track progressively advances with enveloping elements that makes it more interesting and full until a subtle synthesizer sound is incorporated, wanting to transmit a creative alarm simulation with its sound, winking at the state of alarm in which we found ourselves. at that time of production. 
“Shadows” is a track that arises in a time similar to Pandemium, a little later where, already in the middle of the pandemic, I try to capture with a deep and linear groove how we are entering an oppressive environment and uncertainty where it makes us think where we are and where we are going in the middle of the pandemic.

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