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1  Gorje Hewek release ‘Forest Song in the Morning’ on All Day I Dream.… Out Now @BEATPORT

2  Eze Ramirez release ‘Deep Grow’ on Sudbeat Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

3  Madness Factory release ‘Taurunum’ on BeatFreak Limited… Out Now @BEATPORT

4  Celsiirs release ‘Planet Nine’ on Lost on You… Out Now @BEATPORT

5  Yost Koen release ‘Covida’ on Asli Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

6  Niren-G release ‘Chaotic’ on Findike Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

7  Marco Bedini release ‘Division’ on Area Verde… Out Now @BEATPORT

8  Fractal Architect release ‘September Morning’ on IbogaTech… Out Now @BEATPORT

9  ENNA release ‘Small Steps’ on Mirabilis Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

10  Dan McKie & Hausmore release ‘Durban’ on 1980 Recordings… Out Now @BEATPORT

11  Alexander Koning & Ed Dejon release ‘The Deep Trail’ on Spring Tube Limited… Out Now @BEATPORT

To start off the week we have some the greatest melodic tracks from the past week…

Eze Ramirez returns to the label with the ‘Deep Grow’ EP.

Influenced by everyone from Depeche Mode to Sigur Ros.
Eze Ramirez’s silky smooth sound has found a real home here at Sudbeat.

Deep and satisfying hypnotic, ‘Deep Grow’ builds with consummate ease. Layers of spiky synth design ebbs and flows throughout giving a sense of tension in the breaks, and a delightful endlessness to the whole track.

‘Structure’ begins earnestly enough: a basic shaker-led groove builds with eerie sonics. Forming into so much more, the groove gathers pace and direction in the mid section leading to a huge and somewhat unexpectedly epic main break. 

Equally’ Restructure’ builds and builds. More insistent and darker from the off, it serves as a perfect mid set bruiser when everyone has found their space on the floor.

Lost on You welcomes Celsiirs with their debut release ‘Planet Nine’. On their Lost on You debut, Celsiirs sets the scene with the opening track “Planet Nine”. A melodic techno track that fuses chords and arpeggiators with an atmospheric ensemble guided by a beautiful mainline. Planet Nine’ is a monstrous track, perfect for late-night entertainment that will be your faithful companion for your big night out.

The next track, a remix of techno duo 2pole, gives an unexpected twist to Planet Nine, with a harder hitting, darker interpretation for the more serious lovers. 2pole takes the energy levels to a higher level, with lucid and stripped back elements, before luscious pads adorn the remix, changing the vibe and creating a blanket of madness that envelops the affected groove. It’s all about emotion, cool techno vibes, and driving beats that work their magic around 2pole’s wonderful key arrangements, as the clever chords take the mind on a journey.

The third track “Dissonanz”, a musical statement, unified by warm bass and atmospheric emotion, the track is a mix of warm and deep bass and grooves, swirling pads, textured layers, and a stunning melody. Clever sonic phrases complete the picture and create a cleverly crafted piece of musical art.

Free, the last track on this EP, a wonderfully progressive influenced track, keeps alive the original quality and flavor of this musical delivery. As the arpeggiator rolls on before its drum fills and general warmth combine to speak. Like something from the olden days, but with a fresh and exciting sound. A beautiful piece of work from the hand of Celsiirs. 

With “Planet Nine”, Celsiirs proves that there are no limits, as this beautiful melodic and progressive gem guides you into a club-laden melodic embrace that will make you smile. Not to be missed.

As we teeter on the edge of a rather crisp spring, Findike Records presents a little something to provide comforting warmth on the inside. Introducing the ‘Chaotic EP’ featuring the impressive talents of Niren-G, Findike, Joy Marquez and Jean Marin

Fractal Architectreturns to IbogaTech with a new EP, once again luring us off on abeautiful journey of pure progressive flow. ‘September Morning’ leadsin as the title piece, creating a deeper, more emotional atmospherewith soft, percussive overtones riding on swell of melodic groove.’Break Cover’ follows on with a more effervescent air, but shiftingthe mood only slightly as the mellow and reflective atmosphere ofthis track carries us further along with its beautifully intertwiningsynth patterns.

ENNA make their debut on the progressive scene with a proper monster in the form of their “Small Steps” !

The original mix is peak time progressive tune with powerful and razor sharp beats but still keeping the vibe on a hypnotic note with its pulsating deep bass line and haunting synth lines and some sinister sounding male vocals.

The sole remix comes from Tomic who builds a percussive groove and even more deeper shades with lots of synth build ups as the track evolves slowly and steadily to create an epic journey.

1980 Recordings label boss Dan McKie was inspired by James Forster and Danny Howards idea of the ‘Lockdown Link Up’ on Radio 1.

He dipped in to his talented pool of 1980 Recordings artists to randomly pick the collaborations between some of the most underground and talented producers.

This release sees head honcho himself, Dan McKie, go head to head with Hausmore and produce a proper melodic house track called ‘Durban’.

After several months of hiatus Spring Tube Limited is back with some new releases. First of them is by the Dutch duo – Alexander Koning & Ed Dejon. 

Alexander is already known to our main label’s followers as one of its current most regular residents. Now he joined also the Spring Tube Limited’ roster, this time in a collaboration with his fellow countryman and a frequent production partner – Ed Dejon.

This release includes two brand new original works by Alexander Koning & Ed Dejon – the title track “The Deep Trail”, and a B-side tune “Trail Of Fear”.

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