Release Of The Week | Mooncat & Ferank ‘Hear What Was Said’ – 2021 Remixes [Forensic Records]

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All new remixes of mooncat and ferank’s ‘Hear What Was Said’ from Yellowknife, Marcelo Vasami, Beckers & D-Nox


We are kicking off this reboot with a proverbial bang providing you with what we humbly feel is a solid and varied package of remixes of a track has been regarded as one of the labels classics.

D-nox and Beckers have delivered us a fantastic funky tech rendition in their inimitable style. With a driving bassline, superwide hypnosynth lines and clever use of the vocal all wrapped in one of their superbly produced outings.

Marcelo Vasami brings us a flawless South American take on it which puts the vocal in a whole new and beautiful light. This remix will transport you to a sun-drenched party with it’s heady and hazy musicality. Perfectly formed beats pushing his unique journey on and on to a drop that delivers. A masterpiece of a remix.

Yellowknife, by the labels own Chris Scott and co-conspirator Peter May gives us a driving progressive builder that retains the energy of the original with more than a nod to the labels’ roots with its use of the original bassline to compliment the vocal and a drop that will take us back to the labels hay-day era.

We truly hope you enjoy this one.

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