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1  Paolo Martini release ‘Baam’ on Paul’s Boutique… Out Now @BEATPORT

2  Runge release ‘Let It Ride’ on High Definition… Out Now @TRAXSOURCE

3  Kroose & Silverstyle release ‘Elevate Your Love’ on Revoke… Out Now @TRAXSOURCE

4  2lovers release ‘Sunglasses’ on PornoStar Records… Out Now @TRAXSOURCE

5  Pedro McKnight release ‘Selfish’ on HOLY… Out Now @BEATPORT

6  David Calberson release ‘Runnin’’ on Hotfingers… Out Now @TRAXSOURCE

7  Secret Guest release ‘All Night Long’ on PornoStar Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

8  Romy Black release ‘Very Underground’ on Motive Records… Out Now @TRAXSOURCE

9  Brothers In Arts release ‘Brothers In Arts’ on Mango Sounds… Out Now @TRAXSOURCE

10  Quin Pearson release ‘Together’ on NYLO… Out Now @TRAXSOURCE

Today we have some of the best house tunes that are making some noise…

Danish DJ & Producer Runge makes his High Definition debut with a groovy roller, that fully makes you wanna ride out. An established artist with releases on famous labels such as Nervous, Toolroom, Get Twisted, Wyldcard and many more, we’re excited to welcome him to the label! 

Let It Ride is nothing but fun. The playful bassline bounces around underneath a enchanting female vocals and the key spoken word lead. A record that will work on so many levels, we’re calling this one a future High Definition classic. 

Life’s better in HD.

We’re very pleased to welcome Romy Black to Motive Records with his ‘Very Underground’ EP. 

While both mixes are built around the same sample, you get to choose how Underground you want to go. The Extended Mix builds in superb fashion with the help of classic house strings and a contagious bassline while Romy Black’s Deep Mix simmers under a grooving chord stab and pumping drums. Dive into the Underground with these two thumpers!

The second NYLO release of 2021 is here. We are very excited to welcome back New York label resident Quin Pearson with ‘Together EP’. His signature sound influenced by disco, 80’s poly synth and smooth deep house resonates throughout their original music which is upbeat, atmospheric with some great pads and iconic fills. It’s fun with good feel vibes always shining thru that will help you get up and get a move on. Quin’s latest EP comprises of 2 forward thinking disco house inspired cut up deep house tracks.

Quin gets us going with ‘Together’ a moody and groovy driven tune with that cheeky vocal sample that leaves a long-lasting impression and will get any dance floor thrilled. Together is a perfect example of how Quin is able to revitalize dated sounds and give them new shine, adding a stunning Jupiter 8 synth bassline combined with a long ethereal pad, which rounds off the release perfectly and feels like the monumental end to a great night out. 

Next up is ‘Say Something’; a mixture of deep bass sounds, refined drum programming and intricately weaved chord progressions, building to a beautiful breakdown before gradually rebuilding the elements to a unrelenting crescendo of breathy drum licks, chord stabs, utilizing a hypnotizing groove as the basis of the track underpinned by a grooving 80’s bass that gradually eases its way to its climax of percussive elements before unleashing into a rising melodic hook intertwined with infectious rhythms.

Quin definitely delivered the perfect dance weapon; just close your eyes and get carried away by the exotic rhythms of ‘Together’ that will make you dance literally, like there is no tomorrow. 

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