Release Of The Week | Jam El Mar ‘Distant Night Skies’ [Jam El Mar REC]

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Jam El Mar starting off 2021 with the brand new single ‘Distant Night Skies’ on Jam El Mar REC


“Opening the 2021 season of releases on my label with a fresh new track, that is a bit off of the mainstream sound of Techno. Here is a track that works through emotions and atmosphere. I was playing around with a sound that was originally generated from scratch then becoming a lead sound that consists of a perfect fifth interval. That sound really began to shine when played in a pentatonic melodic sequence and eventually becoming the core of this track. However, this atmospheric cluster is still carried by a solid driving dark Techno beat underneath. This track asks for a certain placement in the set for then it will fully spread its musical message. Don’t forget to check out the Devi-Mix that will take you into deep electronica territories.

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