Beatport No. 1s

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Ampsuite clients are killing it this week on Beatport, topping the charts of 4 genres!


Topping the psy trance chart is the ‘Process of life’ remix from Spectra Sonics, Ovnimoon and Dominant Space on Digital Om…

Just following in second is ‘5 Billion Stars’ from LOUD remixed by Captain Hook on Iboga Records…

Techno (R/D/H):

No.1 in the techno charts is Quantum Computer Code & UDE.E9 with ‘Open Your Mind’ – Original Raw Mix on we(R)aw…

Funky / Groove / Jackin’ House:

At the top of the FGJ House charts is ‘Our House’ from Cheesecake boys & Crazibiza on Pornostar records…

Progressive House:

Finally, topping the prog house charts is ‘Oasis Midnights’ from Jam Rumi on Area Verde…

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