New DSPs : ACRcloud and Pretzel Rocks

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We’re pleased to announce the addition of 2 new DSPs as part of your ampsuite distribution deal, ACRCloud and Pretzel Rocks. 

Please find information on these two new DSPs below, note that we will be delivering all back catalog to ACRCloud automatically – but not to Pretzel. If you would like your back catalog deliveried to Pretel please let us know, or you can do this manually via your ampsuite system in the normal way. 


ACRCloud offer audio fingerprint matching services to the music industry. We currently use ACRCloud in our own fingerprint matching technology to help detect incorrect metadata entry or where users have incorrectly uploaded audio belonging to another track. 

By delivering content in to ACRCloud via this new deal, it will help other distributors to identify if a label they distribute tries to use audio that belongs to you under another artists name or track title, as well as helping to avoid mismatches in our own finger printing checks by making sure ACRCloud have the latest metadata for your releases (for example if you have corrected a spelling mistake in an artists name or track title on a previously released track). 

Pretzel Rocks

Pretzel provides fully licensed music for live streamers on Twitch. As you may know, Twitch offers an amazing opportunity to have your music heard by diverse audiences and potential fans all over the world. Twitch now has over 6.9m unique broadcasters every month, attracting close to an average of 2.9m concurrent viewers. Great content creators need great music, and Pretzel is happy to offer that solution for broadcasters all the while ensuring rightsholders are compensated fairly. Pretzel offers rightsholders marketing, exposure, click-throughs to DSPs like Spotify and of course royalties. If you’re interested in having your music heard on Twitch, there’s a two-stage process. 

1) The master recordings will be delivered to Pretzel by ampsuite
2) Pretzel also requires composition rights to be cleared. They have provided a form for clearing your composition rights that can be accessed here. For your music to appear on the Pretzel DSP, Pretzel must clear the composition rights for the respective master recording. 

Note that if you use ampsuite’s publishing service, we will clear the composition rights for any releases which we publish on your behalf. If you do not yet use our publishing service and are interested in learning more about it, please contact us if you have any questions!

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