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Todays spotlight falls across the Techno genre , and the releases from Ampsuite clients which Beatport have very kindly featured this week….

First up is a Banner for the full length artist album ‘Through the Darkness’ from D.Mongelos on Steve Mulders Orange Recordings imprint. 16 tracks of pure techno ( and a little electronica ) indulgence!

Next up is a another banner for Richard Cleber ‘Crossover’ EP on Metodi Hristov’s Set About imprint. From squelching acid to deep dark dub, this one has it all!

Also awarded a banner feature this week is the Soko & Sev ‘She is the Devil’ release on Spartaque’s superb IAMT imprint. Peak Time trippy madness!

Also some nice Featured Release spots & Hype Pick spots for the ampsuite labels this week

Spartaque’s banging ‘We will be here again’ and ‘Found You’ with DEA on his own Codex label give the imprint the 100th release!… and ‘Destination Moon’ from N.O.B.A on Hollen’s Prospect includes a stunning remix from Dino Maggiorana

Finally the HYPE featured releases this week come from Raho & Radu Dracul with ‘Energy’ on Dema’s Redrum label … Moodboys dark n moody ‘Electric’ outing on Barbuto’s Mavic imprint, and Xenia’s ‘Stimulant X’ on Numen which comes with a cheeky little remix from Bruce Zalcer!

Finally a special mention to Dok & Martin as their ‘Collison’ is currently sitting at number 8 in the top 10 singles too!

Thanks to all the labels & artists for the superb music and to Beatport for the most valued support

If you’d like to find out how to join the ampsuite family… drop us an email

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