Beatport psy-trance tracks of the year

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Congratulations to these labels and artists for the releases they’ve put out this year!


United Beats/GMS, Stryker, Mekkanikka, Sonic Species – BEATPORT

Iboga/Emok, Vini Vici, Martin Vice, Off Limits, Liquid Soul – BEATPORT

Sahman/Cambium, Ephemeris – BEATPORT

Iboga/Ace Ventura, Interactive Noise – BEATPORT

United Beats/Astrix, Alien Project, Save The Robot – BEATPORT

Art-X/Shivatree – BEATPORT

Mosaico/Yar Zaa – BEATPORT

Iono/Shock Therapy – BEATPORT

Future Music/Venom, Acherøn – BEATPORT

Shamanic tales/Astrix, Bliss – BEATPORT

Shamanic tales/Various Artists – BEATPORT

United Beats/GMS, Stryker – BEATPORT

Digital Om/Lunatica, Hypatia – BEATPORT

Iboga/Ace Ventura, Vertical Mode – BEATPORT

Iono/Reverse, Hinap – BEATPORT

Future Music/Ace Ventura, Outsiders – BEATPORT

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