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1  Ital release ‘Sacred Ritual’ on DM7 Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

2  Thusgaard & Bierlich release ‘Jungle Swing’ on IONO MUSIC… Out Now @BEATPORT

3  Venom release ‘Vedma’ on Future Music Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

4  Chacruna & Amplify (MX) release ‘Miracle Particle’ on Antu Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

5  Vertex release ‘Find Me’ on Sol Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

6  Ephemeris & Cambium release ‘Another Path’ on Sahman Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

7  Teorema Release ‘Elis E O Knob Gringalizer’ on Mosaico Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

8  Motordelic Release ‘Than Farther Than More Scary’ on Cosmilarve…Out Now @BEATPORT

9  Atomic Pulse Release ‘Trojans II’ on Zoo Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

10  Prana Release ‘Kiba’ – The Square Remix on Matsuri Digital… Out Now @BEATPORT

11  Fertile release ‘Luster’ on IONO MUSIC… Out Now @BEATPORT

12  Quick Kick release ‘Open Mind’ on Protonic Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

Today we have some of the psy trance  releases from the last week you need to listen to…

Throughout time humans have always had the desire to belong to something bigger, to a whole. Sacred rituals are actions taken in order to bring us closer to the divine, the higher and collective consciousness that makes us part of the world in which we live. It is with this objective in mind that Ital invites us to listen and dance to his new song called “Sacred Rituals”, an exclusive release by DM7 Records!

Out next on Iono-Music we have the album ‘Jungle Swing’ brought to you from Thusgaard & Bierlich. Deep, serene, moody, some melancholy, some uplifting and always progressive – these ten tracks are an enriching insightful collection of tunage!

From the melodic elevating trancer ‘Algea Rhythm’ to the more haunting eerie vibe of ‘Jungle Scam’, this album is bursting with militant beats, driving basslines, twisted lines and innovative sounds. An intense, powerful, eclectic, uprising album which will broaden and stretch your mind!

Future Music Records is proud to present ‘Vedma’ – a new single from Venom.

Chacruna is back with a great new collaboration with the Mexican Amplify. The mix of cultures brings you a full new journey reflecting the vibration of the miracle particle, bringing you to a state where you exist
in your purest form of deep peace and happiness.

Vertex presents his new single “Find me” an adventure of exploring, we are on a mission looking for something , we not always sure what we looking for but the experience of searching always brings us to new discoveries, Vertex shows us here a new song with deep base, vocal song and techno groove, great combination and balance for listening and dancing, so just press play and enjoy the journey.

Ephemeris and Cambium has teamed up to create ‘Another Path’

A psychedelic playground with acid riffs and sharp-cut melodic structure.

In this EP, which is completely fluid, hypnotic and fun at the same time, Teorema has brought curious words by some very emblematic characters. Telling great stories, this tracks are basically narrated by none other than Brazilian singer Elis Regina, American guitarist Steve Ray Vaughan and Defo from Aldeia Outro Mundo and Mundo de Oz. Jazzy twisted atmospheres follows bass lines that intensely invites you to dance.

Zoo Music Is Proud To Present:
Trojans II – V.A Compilation Compiled By Atomic Pulse
And Is Back After A Long Waiting !!!
Instead of taking one step at a time, Tamir Ozana A.K.A Atomic Pulse Punched in a versatile compilation of amazing and talented artists such as: Limbo, Bellatrix, Iron Madness, Solar Walker, 8ukara, Mimra, Skynet, The Soul Movers, Dejadjinn vs Darko, New Point, Tube vs Tortured Brain, Psychotic Signal, Tetuna.
and even a few bits from the Legendary Atomic Pulse Himself.
from the lowest and deepest bpm to the dance floor full-on. So Go Ahead and claim your favorite track…

Matsuri Digital is delighted to release another stellar remix of a classic from the early years of our scene: Prana’s Kiba, remixed by The Square.

The Square is the collaborative project of Roy Sason aka Shidapu of the Owner of Zion 604 Records and Maor Hasbani aka Skizologic. The hit producers have outdone themselves with a massive reworking of a vintage track. This stunning psychedelic journey features all the otherworldly mind-bending qualities of the original track underscored by a bouncy bass and vibrant rhythm, a wonderful blend of analog synths and top-notch production values.

An incredible track that brings the best from the past into the present with a super-energizing futuristic atmosphere.

Out next on Iono-Music is Fertile with their two-tracker release! The first track called ‘Luster’ is a sweet, serene, progressive number with floating grooves, epic risers and spiritual vocals. ‘Frnc’ is another quality track with intense stabs and elevating lines. Together this release will raise your vibration and rejuvenate the soul!

We’ll always stay in each others heart
No matter how far We go apart
Days go by , Day by Day …
Speaking of you brings out the pain .
I really have no Idea how to survive
I just know that you’re watching me from above
We went to hell and back on our 4 feet
Now I run for us both , I will not know defeat .
I feel it’s our mission , I feel it’s our goal
Ego made us dumb and let us fall
We Preferred to teach … not give a soft shoulder
In our eyes it was sick , it was nothing of order
We wanted the Best for each other
We Spent hours together in Silence
Untill one day We were put in a room
And We hugged like We should have…
It felt like you knew …

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