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1  Reverse release ‘Theory of the Unconcious’ on IONO MUSIC… Out Now @BEATPORT

2  Ghost Rider release ‘Two of Us’ on Voox Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

3  GMS & Stryker release ‘Full On’ on United Beats Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

4  Lunatica & Relativ release ‘Supracadabra’ on Digital Om… Out Now @BEATPORT

5  P.Cok release ‘Tracker’ on Shamanic Tales Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

6  Priest release ‘The Bomb’ on PsynOpticz Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

7  Genuim Release ‘Intimate Blue’ on Sol Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

8  Various Artists Release ‘Mosaico Co.lab, Vol. 3’ on Mosaico Records…Out Now @BEATPORT

9  Biological (BR) & Ital Release ‘Solstice’ on Antu Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

10  Atomic Pulse Release ‘Cymatics Frequency’ on Zoo Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

11 Marcus (IL) Release ‘Emotion’ on IONO MUSIC… Out Now @BEATPORT

12  Xed Release ‘On the Other Hand’ on Patronus Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

13  Paranoize Release ‘Multidimensional’ on Protonic Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

Today we have some of the psy trance  releases from the last week you need to listen to…

Out next on Iono-Music we have the greek producer ‘Reverse’ with his new track ‘Theory of the Unconcious’! Marios continues with his new full on – full power style! This track is filled with reputated lines, magical melodies, driving arps and poignant stabs. The release is a killer psychedelic trance – created for big moments on the dance floor!

VOOX Music is a new brand label by Ghost Rider & Ranji . We happy to present the new Ghost Rider song “Two of us” ! As usual he come with a lot of epic melody, keys which gonna touch your heart, and ofcourse the vocal , because we are VOOX !

It’s Time! Full On is back! GMS & Stryker bring you their latest collaboration album “Full On”, filled with excitement, memories, innovation, and a big touch of love for the art, these 2 masters of the studio, have once again redefined the meaning of quality.

This is a very special release. A few months ago we lost Ziv Matushka, one third of the legendary group P.Cok, who released truly groundbreaking music in the end of the 90s, and an out of this world musician and producer – a true sound-master. DJ Ella Gotman, one of Israel’s legendary DJs and music curators for 3 decades, who shared a musical path with Ziv throughout their careers and was very close to him, felt the need to preserve his musical legacy for today’s dancefloors. She chose to remix Tracker, one of P.Cok’s greatest tracks, with Out of Orbit (Eitan Reiter). The remix stays in many ways true to the original, keeping it hypnotic, mysterious, dark and very very psychedelic, but with Out of Orbit’s extra deep crunchy touch. The outcome is true night time dancefloor relentless stormer that fits today’s dancefloors. How deep down the rabbit hole are you willing to go?
RIP Ziv Matushka, see you in the big party in the sky.

Priest is an insane producer from Cape Town, South Africa and we have wanted to get his music out for a while now, so it only serves it right for the first EP to be, THE BOMB! This release flows with a phat groove and a full-on psychedelic energy that is known so well on the SA dancefloors. As lockdown eases in SA and we get ready to express ourselves again on the outdoor playground, Priest will be there dropping these incredible beats and blasting us into radical movements so that we can all just let go!

Genuim presents a new track in retrospective of the blue planet where he has translated the nature’s frequencies into a euphoria. It travels time across the spiritual nostalgia to finally discover the lost natures and spirits united as one. No invitation required as it’s just a leap away to feel the sensation on your feet.

Biological and Ital delegates with a new collaboration to shine the entire dance floor worldwide. Inspired by the southern hemisphere winter solstice, it was on that day that the composition was completed. Deep basses and psychedelic leads will guide your journey beyond what is known.

Out next on Iono-Music we have this three tracker from Marcus called ‘Emotion’.

‘Emotion’ is a fast driving track fuelled with animalistic noises, powerful penetrative sounds, enlivening arpeggiators and a wicked dynamic bass. ‘Rainbow is a moodier trippy track with franticly insane lines, deep squelchy bass sounds and a plethora of crazily concocted noises.

‘Another Star’ completes the trio with an eccentric outlandish tripply track with an epic vocal, innovative lines, weirdly wacky sounds and a wonderous melody.

A quality release that is guaranteed to get you wiggling, stomping and throwing shapes like there’s no tomorrow!

On the other hand… Under a burning and piercing sun, a plant will dry out and suffocate. In heavy rain, it’ll have its roots loosen up and wash away or it’ll simply drown. Still, without any, our earth would be a bald grey rock, floating in empty space.
Patronus Records proudly presents Labelhead Xed’s debut EP. With this EP, he’s showcasing his newest style, which went through heavy transformation and challenging times full of doubt. Exploring and decoding his own heart, he definitly poured some of it into those selected songs. A wild ride. Definitly deep, emotional and mindfull in addition to the sparkles of Xed’s unique playfulness. Subtle and driving four to the floor percussion accompanied by razorsharp and gritty leadbursts. Melodies morph, from haunting to ecstatic, ending in a soft and subtle layer of comfort. Next to the two solo songs, two more are crafted in collaboration with talented Aram, XS and Digital Reflection and they shurely don’t shine any less!

No matter if you are an old Paranozie fan or you just got to know his music recently … You will love this fresh new release. “Multidimensional” by Paranoize is exactly that superb psychedelic bundle of sounds and beats you were looking for your next set or playlist .
Be surprised and hypnotised .
Enjoy the Music

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