Updates coming to reels!

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We wanted to share some Reels updates that will be rolling out today, to make it easier for people to save and discover all the sounds they love: 

  • Audio Browser → discover and browse through new music + new sections such as For You, Trending, etc. so you can stay up to date with the latest. 
  • Save Audio→ save sound in-app to easily create with and access when you want (this is akin to favoriting, it does not involve downloading to the phone)
  • Share Audio Pages via DM → share all the Reels associated with a specific sound via DM

 You can find more details on this announcement here, and in the images below. Beyond this, as you may have seen, users can now share to Stories from Amazon Music. This is all part of our plans to continue building community around music across the Facebook family of apps.

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