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What’s happening?

Spotify is launching Promo Cards. This is a new way for creators to develop personalized assets for use on their promotional channels & social media. 

There will be 3 types of Promo Cards: visitors to the Promo Card site can create a Promo Card for an artist, track, or album. 

Where can I access this?

You can access Promo Cards via the new site from today –

Who can access this?

Artists, managers, label reps, marketers, or fans can access this site as it does not require log-in.

Creating Promo Cards

Creating a Promo Card is a 3-step process: one will search for the content they want to promote, customize the asset, and download the card. A shortcut to share the Promo Card directly through Facebook or Twitter will exist on the site — and visitors are also provided with a branded link which redirects to the selected content. 

Promo Cards for Playlisted Tracks: Tracks that are playlisted on one of the 32 supported playlists (listed below) will have the option to have a personalized Promo Card that celebrates that track being playlisted. When a visitor searches for a track that has been playlisted, the option to make a playlist Promo Card will appear in the search results. Artists, their teams, and fans are then able to commemorate and share getting playlisted.

Additional details: 

  • The site is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German.
  • Playlist Promo Cards are available for the following playlists: African Heat, Are & Be, Esquenta Sertanejo, Exitos Espana, Fresh Finds, Future Hits Latin, Hot Country, Hot HIts Australia, Hot Hits Canada, Hot Hits UK, Indigo, Just Good Music, Lorem, Mansion Reggaeton, Modus Mio, mint, Most Necessary, New Boots, New Music Friday, On Our Radar, Pegao, POLLEN, Pop Rising, Rap Caviar, Rock This, Roots Rising, The New Alt, The Newness, Today’s Top Hits, Top Hits Deutschland, Top Hits Portugal, Viva Latino.

See attached a one-sheet detailing how to get started making Promo Cards.

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