Melodic Monday | Releases Of The Day

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Delayed due to bank holiday…

1  Simply City release ‘Full Circle’ on Sudbeat Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

2  Roy Rosenfeld release ‘Balabamba EP’ on TRYBESof… Out Now @BEATPORT

3  HIGHLITE release ‘Planetary’ on Area Verde … Out Now @BEATPORT

4  Boundless release ‘Dream Walker’ on IbogaTech… Out Now @BEATPORT

5  Feri release ‘Existenz’ on Dynamica… Out Now @BEATPORT

6  Several Definitions Release ‘Light’ on Transpecta… Out Now @BEATPORT

7  Michael A release ‘Shade of Purple Remixes’ on Figura Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

8  T-Puse Release ‘Madbooha’ on Dreams Way… Out Now @BEATPORT

9  Geerk & Spanless Release ‘Merga / Nembus’ on COOD… Out Now @BEATPORT

10  Dj Artak Release ‘I’m Trapped in You’ on Nicksher Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

11  Monsieur Sapristi Release ‘Mineral Prophet’ on BlackBeard Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

12  Renaldas release ‘More to Life’ on Summer Melody… Out Now @BEATPORT

13  Rafael Osmo Release ‘Amadeus’ on Progline Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

Today we have some of the hottest new melodic House & techno releases…

Simply City at work on three impressive new tracks. Chilean DJ/producer Cesar Romero has really found his footing under the Simply City moniker with releases for Global Underground, Hope Recordings and Renaissance to name a few. A DJ first and foremost, with residence duty at the infamous Stereo Montreal, his silky skills have seen him play alongside many of his heroes and tour the world. ‘Full Circle’ opens with a tribal beat and distant echoes. Building into an engrossing emotive journey, melodics, vocals and a super smooth percussive underbelly combine in the most elegant way. Next is ‘Metropolis’, a darker tribal path from the off. Similarly, building at an effortless pace, keys and pads create airy soundscapes as you drift away on the beat. Finally, ‘Thrive to Survive’ takes a different direction entirely. Spiky bass notes lead the way and emotive voices drowned in reverb juxtapose against the stark beat.

The new Boundless single ‘Dreamwalker’ comes alive to call our imagination towards oniric solutions applied to real challenges. Aiming to question reality’s structures that put boundaries on true evolution, to be able to live the dream and walk beyond fake patterns is not only a gift but also a necessary action.
So, be our guest in this new road and let Boundless waves dreamwalk your soul!

We welcome the hardworking producer, Lithuanian-based Renaldas, with a wonderful release of melodic progressive. It is true that tough times would affect most people, but with this positive message from this 2-track EP, it would definitely make you joyful. Cherish Every Moment, because there are More To Life, enjoy this wonderful EP by Renaldas!

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