Thursday Deep & Tech | Releases Of The Day

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1  Alessio Mosti & Mirco Martini release ‘Popped Collar’ on Hotfingers… Out Now @TRAXSOURCE

2  Piero Scratch release ‘Money B’ on Blackboard… Out Now @TRAXSOURCE

3  Findike release ‘Dark Humanity’ on Underground Istanbul Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

4  Stateline release ‘Bass Bin / The Heat’ on Transform Recordings… Out Now @BEATPORT

5  Rone White & Rowen Clark release ‘Spiral Conversation’ on 303lovers… Out Now @BEATPORT

6  Denis Shubin release ‘Str8 – EP’ on Amber Muse… Out Now @TRAXSOURCE

7  Under Above & Weaux release ‘Fire In Me / Climbing Up’ on 2Dutch Deep… Out Now @BEATPORT

8  NO1NO’s release ‘Hit Me Back’ on Outbound Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

9  G-Spec release ‘Why Not?’ on 1980 Recordings… Out Now @BEATPORT

10  Ozzie London release ‘Take It’ on Somn’thing Supertech… Out Now @BEATPORT

11  Betoko release ‘Don’t You Call Me Freak’ on Transpecta… Out Now @BEATPORT

12  Stashion release ‘City to City’ on Make It Yourself Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

13  Beverly Hills release ‘Melancholia’ on Magic Moment… Out Now @BEATPORT

Today we have some of the tech releases from the past week that have been making some noise…

303Lovers is the spawn of a musical design by Luigi Rocca and Manuel De La Mare. Rooted in three tiers of electronic music, those being tech house, techno and electronica, the label symbolises a soundscape that has melted away boundaries, ventured into crossover and retained underground status, whilst continually proliferating its musical direction to ensure it is on the cutting edge of electronic music.

Denis Shubin, who delivered a brilliant house EP for Amber Muse last year, is back to the label with another stunning piece of modern electronic music. As the name of Shubin’s EP says, his direction is straight forward towards modern underground vibes. From the 4/4 drums on his previous Amber Muse release he moves to sparse and broken rhythmic patterns on three fresh originals “M0f0”, “Amen23” and “Str8”. “Str8” is accompanied by the moving dance floor ready remix from the duo Queer On Acid. Denis Shubin hails from Saint-Petersburg (Russia). He’s been DJing and promoting events as Tekstil Music co-founder for many years, and recently DJed in club “KPD”. Besides Amber Muse, his house and techno production and remixes were released on labels such as Plant 74 Records, Базовое техно, Underground Experience, Hypnologic Music.

Under Above and Weaux make their debut on 2Dutch Deep with an awesome deep house EP! With ‘Climbing Up’ and ‘Fire In Me’ they showcase their hypnotizing and energetic deep house sound. We are certain these youngsters will ‘climb up’ the ladder of the music scene with this strong release. Check it out and add it to your favorite playlist!

Outbound Records debut release is from newcomer “No1no’s” a London based producer, gaining support from Hotfingers & Get Twisted under another alias back 2016 “No1no’s” is back with a plethora of beats in his armour. Outbound Records also feeling the resurgence of Tech House and finding time to put a plan to action could only welcome No1no’s with open arms and have him on board as their debut release. With Attention to a more UK sound the 2 track EP “Hit Me Back” delivers a punch to the gut with it’s growling bassline straight out the gate, there’s no wondering in anticipation where this little Tech House banger is going. Crisp production and the vocal narrative gives drive through “Guestlist” keeping you on your toes with a chug of percussion, including a tasty cowbell.

G-Spec brings his fresh glitchy sound all the way from Japan to 1980 Recordings. The original is a glitchy tech house workout. On the remix and fresh from charting on both Beatport & Traxsource, Known Unknown, who goes deep and tribal on his remix. Hausmore bring the mean room with a driving progressive house mix. Then lastly we have Groove Salvation with a dark room techno remix.

More banging tech-house from the illustrious Ozzie London. The North London based DJ again delves into a real garage feel on this new tech-house production. A driving beat, fierce percussion and booming bassline all combine with a catchy female vocal and melodic lead synth hook to deliver another proper club pumper!

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