All New 65% Royalty, Enhanced Exclusive Promo ‘Opt In’ Service

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Traxsource launch new increased royalty rate for their Enhanced Exclusive service… and its optional release by release!

Here’s what Traxsource had to say…

We hope this letter finds you well, and that you are managing to navigate this challenging period the world is facing. We are extremely grateful for the amazing music each of you bless us with every week, and we remain committed to maintaining the value of your music.
Opt In & Earn More
We are extremely happy to announce our brand new ‘Enhanced Exclusive Promo’ service. Simply put, opt in and earn a higher royalty for all your Exclusive Promo sales on Traxsource without any long term commitment or obligation.
We have built this program as a reward for labels who are fully engaged in the Traxsource ecosystem, as well as to incentivise others who may want to work closer with us. There is no obligation or expectation to give Traxsource every release exclusively, this means once opted in, you may deliver Exclusive Promos if and when you would like to earn the enhanced royalty rate and you may opt out at any time.
Benefits of Traxsource’s ‘Enhanced Exclusive Promo’ Service
  1. Receive a higher royalty for sales during the Exclusive period.
  2. Sell your music at a higher price point.
  3. Opt in or out at any time (effective on the first of the next calendar month).
  4. Enjoy the freedom to deliver only the releases you desire as exclusives. There is no obligation or expectation for every release to be exclusive.
  5. Give your releases a better chance of receiving premium featured positions.
  6. Stream your releases during the Exclusive Period on Spotify and other consumer based Streaming services (like apple music, deezer, etc) for optimum Promotional Impact.
‘Exclusive Promos’ on Traxsource have many advantages, the first being that they sell at higher price points. This price point coupled with our new higher “Enhanced” royalty split for sales during the exclusive period provides an effective way to maximize income in the first crucial weeks of release.
Additionally, Exclusive Promos provide your Release with a greater chance of receiving Premium Featured positions. Our A&R team and the curation tools they use, assign a higher weight to Exclusive Promo’s within our system. Exclusive Promos therefore have a greater chance of being selected for Premium and coveted Featured Positions on things like Weekend Weapons, Hype Chart, What’s Hot, Genre Essentials, Featured Releases and more.
Introductory Trial Offer Is In Progress (June)
As an introductory offer, Traxsource has provided all of your June Exclusive Promos the higher ‘Enhanced” royalty rate
We look forward to providing many more innovative ways to help support your labels, productions, releases and artists in the future.

AMPSUITE NOTE :  we have opted into this service for all our distributed labels, so you dont need to do anything! Just select which releases you’d like to deliver into Traxsource as an exclusive & you will benefit from the above.

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