Something For The Weekend | Kasey Taylor & Karl Pilbrow ‘Amber Skies’ [Sudbeat Music]

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Kasey Taylor and Karl Pilbrow join the Sudbeat collective with an impressive doubleheader.


Australian powerhouse Kasey Taylor is one of the most recognised contributors of progressive house in his land. Owner of his own imprint, Vapour Recordings, which recently celebrated its 20th birthday has an unmatched back catalogue covering Bedrock, Flow Vinyl and many more. Fellow Melbournite Karl Pilbrow has made his name on the international DJ circuit with solid performances at places like Burning Man and Rainbow Serpent just to name a few.

The title track, ‘Amber Skies’, opens in ominous dark tones. Sparse in its infancy, layers of melody and percussion wake this sleepy beast from its slumber. By midway, after a brief respite, we’re flying in glorious technicolour. ‘Magnetik Spaces’ picks up where its brother left off; twinkling arps and huge cinematic pads evolve throughout. Muscular and deep, this is prog perfection in audio glory.

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