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What’s happening: 

Two new features are launching on Instagram:

1) ‘Donations in Live’
2) ‘IG Live’

One returning feature on Facebook:

3) ‘Live With’


Donations in Live on Instagram
Instagram is now making it easier for people to raise money for non-profits helping in COVID-19 relief:

– Now, when you go Live, you can create a fundraiser for your viewers to take part in.
– Create a fundraiser or use the “I Donated” sticker in Stories to unlock a new Donate! shared story to prompt your audience to support.

To create a fundraiser in Live: 

1) Make sure you’re on the latest version of the Instagram app;
2) Select Live as ‘Fundraiser’ when you first start your live;
3) Choose the non-profit you want followers to donate to;
4) You’ll then see in real time – during your broadcast – people who are supporting your fundraiser and how much has been raised;
5) 100% of money raised goes to your chosen non-profit;
6) When you share your Live to IGTV after, the donation amount will no longer show.

To unlock the “Donate!” shared story, live for a limited time:

1) Create a fundraiser in Stories using the donations sticker;
2) Using the donations sticker in your story makes it eligible to appear inthe “Donate!” shared story, where your audience can view your story and support;
3) If you held your fundraiser in Live, don’t forget to continue momentum via the donations sticker in Stories so you can unlock this shared story experience

Use the “I Donated” sticker:

1) Donate to a fundraiser in Stories or Live to unlock the new sticker;
2) Using this sticker in a story makes it eligible to appear in the “Donate!” shared story.

Please see attached the one-sheet for further details.

Live Donations IG

IG Live to IGTV 

Instagram is rolling out a new way to preserve artist’s live stream content. Users now have the option to preserve a live stream in IGTV instead of the Stories tray, where it can live permanently.

How does it work?
Once you finish your Live broadcast, you’ll be presented with the following options:

– Share to IGTV
– Download Video
– Delete Video

If you click “Share to IGTV”, you can choose a cover photo for your video. You’ll be presented with some options from your live broadcast or you can select one from your camera roll.After selecting the cover photo, you’ll be taken through the standard IGTV upload process (e.g. add a title, description, add to a series, etc).

Please see attached one-sheet for more info and some FAQs.

Facebook Live With 

Facebook have brought back Live With on Facebook. This will be available on mobile devices.

The best use cases are FB communities/group admins, people going live with friends, and Pages going live with Fans. Right now, Live With between two Pages is not available.

Additional product updates

Updates Regarding Paid Live Events

Currently, this initiative does not include musicians or music-related events. Facebook are currently working with a limited group of pages and plan to roll the product our more broadly in the coming weeks and months.

Live Video to IGTV

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