Spotify Approved!

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We are proud to announce ampsuite are now an approved Spotify provider under their ‘Preferred Provider Program’, and we are now a listed label distributor in their directory

There is a good reason that only a handful of distributors are listed & approved by Spotify, as their requirement criteria for both the technical aspect of asset delivery and ongoing quality control mean suppliers are required to consistently perform to a high standard. Here is what Spotify say…

Approved by Spotify

These providers meet industry best practices for providing high-quality metadata and enacting anti-infringement measures. Preferred providers meet our highest standards.

All members are evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure they consistently meet Spotify’s standards for content delivery.

Benefits for artists and labels

  • No more misattribution – Providers include your unique Spotify artist ID with the metadata, so all new content appears reliably on your artist page.
  • Flexibility – Need a new artist page? They can take care of that too, with no disruption.
  • Credit where it’s due – Quality metadata (full names, songwriter roles, and minimal errors) ensures you and your collaborators get credit for your work.
  • Control from day one – Artist distributors in the program also offer instant access to Spotify For Artists for all their users—which means you can get access to your artist profile and stats as soon as your music goes live on Spotify.

Interested in distribution – contact us

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