Release Of The Week | Cristobal & Jamiez ‘Sugar Daddy’ [Somn’thing Progressive]

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Brand new Cristobal & Jamiez track ‘Sugar Daddy’ on Somn’thing Progressive…


For one part of Cristobal & Jamiez this track is the ‘Hold Grail’ of Progressive House, Jamiez got a vinyl copy of Secret Knowledge Sugar Daddy on White Label early in 1993 from a Record Shop in Belfast, he’d heard Belfast’s David Holmes play it the week before at one of his & Iian Macready’s legendary club nights, and badly wanted it to play himself in Tokyo Joes where he himself was a resident.

He bought it, played it, loved it and still cherishes that track to this day…..

Fast forward 27 Years & Cristobal & Jamiez are in a studio in November 2019 having listened to Sugar Daddy again, and again wondering should they touch one of the untouched classics…….they decided to give it a go.

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