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Spotify Artificial Streams Reporting

Spotify have recently implemented updated anti-stream manipulation measures in a ramp up effort to remove artificial streaming activity.

The music streaming service are now identifying monthly artificial streams & providing suppliers with reports of these, that will have been removed from the monthly royalty calculation (and therefore subsequently removed from royalty payments).

Spotify is using a number of methods to identify streams which are not the result of “natural” activity. This could be due to the unnatural behaviour of an individual user, unnatural streaming patterns or streams originating from an artificial user account (eg a bot account).

Spotify is extremely concerned to keep its methodology in identifying this activity confidential – the key reason being that information on their methodology is information which could potentially be used to avoid detection.

If you are distributed by ampsuite we will providing further details on this in due course and will be including data that relates to any of your catalogue in your monthly reports

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