Melodic Monday | Releases Of The Day

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1  Laroz release ‘Wheels of Karma’ on Lost on You… Out Now @BEATPORT

2  Audio Cycles release ‘Ghost’ on ICONYC… Out Now @BEATPORT

3  FiveP release ‘Morpheus’ on Area Verde… Out Now @BEATPORT

4  Opera Omnia release ‘Kathmandu’ on Asra… Out Now @BEATPORT

5  Lykan release ‘Life of the Forest’ on Soleid… Out Now @BEATPORT

Starting off this week we have some of the best recent tracks from some of the artists who have been on fire recently…

Laroz delivers his latest single ‘Wheels of Karma’ featuring Sheera, as well as the Yost Koen rework. The Melodic House & Techno single features a groovy acid bassline, a blissful arp melody, and a heavenly vocal by Sheera. Moreover, throughout ‘Wheels Of Karma’ the listener is introduced to nostalgic musical elements such as old-school synth stabs. The glue of the entire track is the percussion which adds an uncontrollable rhythm. Yost Koen’s rework gives ‘Wheels Of Karma’ a club twist with sharper ‘rave’ synths. The rework adds a prolonged buildup which will work to hype any crowd up. In Koen’s version, the vocal is stripped down and the emphasis is put on the instruments. All in all, both versions of ‘Wheels Of Karma’ will get any listener grooving due to its driving bassline, rhythmic bliss, and the angelic vocal by Sheera.

With ‘Ghost’ we welcome Belgium producer Audio Cycles to ICONYC. He delivers an irresistible track that kicks things off nicely with the melancholic vibes setting the tone. He roams effortlessly through progressive inspired melodies, while the sultry chords sit wonderfully on top of the driving percussive foundation. Audio cycles takes it up a notch by adding 90’s influenced vocals and an extra layer of depth, whilst upping the flow with cleverly programmed drumming and his trademark FX elements, without destroying the essence of the main groove. On remix duty we welcome none other than Pole Folder. The Belgium producer has been a mainstay in the electronic music world for the better part of a decade. Pole Folder who is known for his driving and refined sound, keeps the ethereal theme of the original alive, as the pulsating bass powers along, before its drum fills and general drive all combine to do the talking.

Asra gives a very warm welcome to Opera Omnia! A new Progressive and Melodic Techno duo from J Nitti (Alan Banjo) and Micro bites who have previously released on labels such as Armada, Spinnin, Universal, 1605, Intec, and many more. “Kathmandu” is a beautiful progressive track which flows in and out of breathtaking key changes topped by delicate synth melodies and mythical vocals. Built equally for the headphones as the dance floor, we are looking forward to many more tracks from this amazing new Italian duo.

From the city of fun and full of dark melodies we present these two songs realized by the great Indian artist Lykan. This is a forceful and pleasant work made with passion and with nice groove that surrounds you.

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