Business as usual…

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On behalf of all at ampsuite i hope this email finds you healthy and well at this incredibly tough time. We are currently moving through unprecedented times & we understand that many of our friends and partners around the globe will be feeling the pressure & uncertainly associated with the current COVID-19 outbreak

With this in mind we want to reassure all of our ampsuite clients that its business as usual for us.

We are in an extremely fortunate situation that our business is internet based, and even when all staff are required to work from home we are able to operate in exactly the same way. This means no disruption to business operations here and no affect to you on the services we offer.

Music itself brings joy and contentment to billions of people around the world, and im sure will be one of the things that continues to bring happiness to people as we move through & out of the coronavirus situation.

We thank all our labels, Artist, Friends & Partners.

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